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Software Development Company in Dubai.

We offer a wide range of Software Development services coupling Technology and Innovation to boost business growth and productivity.

Software Development Service UAE

Have been providing Business Information Systems to Middle East industry since 1999. We create unique software solutions to enhance our client's competitive advantage using the below technologies:

We Provide

  • Custom Development
  • e-Commerce Development
  • Intranet/Internet Prototyping
  • UX Design & Prototyping

Custom Software Development

Although one might be able to find a range of businesses offering custom software development in UAE , what makes Verbat the best software development company is our unrivaled technological expertise. Adding to the same is our expansive industry expertise in creating intelligent, robust software solutions that help your business attain sustained growth. If you are looking for a software development company in UAE for custom software development to help you leverage technology to fuel your growth, look further than Verbat.

Ecommerce Development

Our ecommerce development services can give you the edge that you are looking to enjoy over your competition for better sales, customer satisfaction, and expanding market share. Verbat has been revolutionizing the industry of ecommerce development in UAE for the last several years. Leveraging our domain expertise and technological proficiency, a wide gamut of ecommerce businesses has been enjoying unrivaled ecommerce success.If you want the best ecommerce development company in Dubai to help you create an impeccable ecommerce platform, Verbat is the name to choose.

We put the experience of the customers and the intuitive performance of the site at the center of the platforms we develop. You could find many ecommerce development companies to work with in Dubai. However, our impressive portfolio underscores why we can help you better than anyone with your custom ecommerce development requirements.

Choose us as your preferred ecommerce development company in UAE and experience perfection and quality at its finest.

Software Development Service FAQ

  • How long does it take to complete the software development process?
  • The software development process mainly depends on the scope and complexity of the project we undertake. Based on the above factors, it takes several weeks or months for project completion.
  • Is it necessary for the client to be familiar with the technical details to work with your Company?
  • Not at all necessary. You don’t need to be skilled in the technical aspects of the product you want. With we having more than twenty years of expertise as a software development company, shall be detailing you with the essence of all stages while working on your project. All that what we require from your side is a clear vision of the objective you want to achieve through the desired software product and we shall help you to make it a reality.
  • What information does your Company need from the Client to begin the work?
  • We will need the information including your project requirements, scope, timeframes, and the business challenges you would like to get solved.
  • How does your Company assure the client about the product quality?
  • For Verbat Technologies, quality matters the most. We usually work in an iteration mode and consistently test the work results by taking into account our client preferences. Adhering to this approach, we are successful in delivering to our clients high-quality products within the specified deadlines.
  • Does your Company offer product support services even after the delivery of the developed applications?
  • Yes, we always provide the technical support needed for our developed apps. We also undertake annual maintenance contract for the support and to implement further enhancements in the app. We also provide support if you wish to add them or integrate third-party services.
  • Will you sign an NDA?
  • Yes. We always sign an NDA as a part of our process, beforehand we collect your business requirements.
  • What all methodologies are applied while developing your projects?
  • Agile software development is the major methodology we effectively utilize in our works, although the choice may rely on a particular project. We follow an iterative approach in building a software product so that we could improve the product quality regularly based on customer feedback.
  • What is your Company’s customer geography?
  • Our Company is regarded as one of the best and trusted bespoke software development companies in UAE , India, and the USA in successfully delivering the top quality services to the customers of these key markets. Besides, customers across the globe can easily avail of our services whenever they want, and we are just a call away. Get a Free Consultation now !
  • Where can we find your Company’s physical location?
  • Headquartered in Dubai, our Company has branches spread across in India and the USA.
  • How does the project work process take place in your Company?
  • We consider each project unique so it requires an operative customized approach. Although most of the development phases are common and relevant to these projects, they may differ in the implementation of processes.
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