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Enterprise Application Services.

Deliver value through Fact-Based decision-making via data analysis. Align to current and future Regulatory Needs.

Predict and improve the quality of service and measure workplace Productivity by employee, department or function.

Enterprise applications are very much essential to large size and mid-size business IT systems, that can increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately deliver cost reductions. All of these factors are crucial in ensuring your organization stays one step ahead in a fiercely competitive business environment.

The IT agenda is being driven by these needs, which is why many organizations are opting to outsource their enterprise applications portfolio to a specialist business application service provider.

Verbat’s Enterprise Application Services addresses myriad IT challenges and help users maximize their IT investments across the enterprise leveraging our expertise. The major challenge modern organizations are facing is providing their workers with transparent and real-time access to information. Verbat can:

Our Value Add

  • Choosing the best enterprise application for your business needs
    Each platform has specific characteristics with strengths and weaknesses. Our expertise in each one of them enable us to advise the client both in terms of their selection and in terms of adapting it to their particular needs.
  • Optimization and cost reduction
    By being able to rely on the completion of a large number of software development projects done over the years, the client benefit from all of our experience and expertise, which lead to optimization and cost reduction of the enterprise application project.
  • Turnkey Service
    Verbat’s extent of skills in enterprise applications allows the client to obtain turnkey services, which is very effective and desirable in this field considering the requirement continuity from the first to the last phase of projects.

Enterprise Application Services Includes

A client can avail services from us for their long term maintenance and support of their current running applications. This kind of requirements generally comes for the support of

  • Application Modernization
  • Application Testing
  • Maintenance & Enhancement
  • Post-Implementation Support

Benefits of working with us

  • Our global Sales & Delivery presence gives you local touch-points at every stage of the engagement
  • Our proven Technology Expertise builds robust solutions to accelerate your success in the Digital economy
  • Our innovative Service Models deliver the right solution in the right place at the right price point
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