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Overcome Your Real-Life Business Challenges with Verbat’s Artificial Intelligence Solutions!!!

Artificial Intelligence to make businesses smarter and more agile

While a few companies are reluctant to invest in AI technologies, the rest of the world is watching AI’s ROI increasing. AI is revamping and redefining production, manufacturing, and delivery services among others. From voice-powered virtual smart assistants to intelligent humanoid robots, the expansive AI has integrated itself into various fields of technology.

After having invested significant amounts of time in understanding the technology and its potential, and the right means of leveraging it, Verbat Technologies is now fully equipped to wield Artificial Intelligence to make businesses smarter and more agile.

Verbat’s AI technologies support all cognitive services including conversational bots, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, forecasting etc. Rest assured our AI solutions are tailored to meet dynamic business needs in diverse environments.

Technology Expertise

Having developed our own core AI engine, we have utmost pride when we say that our expertise on AI is rivaled only by a few. We know our way around popular platforms like TensorFlow, Dialogflow, Watson etc. Years of learning and practical experience have granted us deep technical knowledge in various forms of AI including conversational bots, face recognition, image & video analysis, speech recognition, big data, IoT etc.


Value Add

AI Mastery
AI Mastery

Years spent on learning the technology granted us excellent mastery of AI technology, which makes us one of the best AI consultants you can find.

Distinguished panel of AI experts

Our AI team comprises of certified and highly talented technology professionals and analysts dedicated to tailoring AI to suit diverse needs.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Consistent results

Verbat’s AI solutions come with the promise of consistent good results that meet or exceed expectations.


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About Verbat Technologies
About Us

Verbat is a Digital Technology Services company delivering Internet and Mobile Solutions to Enterprises, through Agile Development and Application Management methodologies. Our primary expertise is in Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile and Cloud Technologies. We leverage our Innovation Ecosystem to bring disruptive thinking to next-generation Digital Technology Services and Products.