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Retail Technology Services.

Technological Advancements transform the retail business.So do we.

Our experience makes us capable of harnessing Omni-channel retailing in the form of Innovative solutions

Verbat Technologies is aimed at helping you make sense of this changing world, and to deliver quality retail technology services with flexibility and agility. The physical store is still a key channel for most retailers but there are many disruptive influences affecting retail now and in the future:

  • How tablets and smart phone apps are changing the way consumers shop
  • The changing expectations of customers in the order and fulfilment process
  • The focus on meeting or exceeding those expectations whilst being mindful of cost to serve
  • The rapidly evolving payments landscape where your customers call the shots about how they pay and where and how they get their receipts
  • How to put it all together into one seamless operation

The team at Verbat has many years of experience in all aspects of Omni-Channel Retailing.

Our Value Add

  • Retail Experience
    Many years of retail experience to CxO level, help to deliver business change underpinned by retail technology services that are robust and reliable whilst retaining their flexibility and agility.
  • Omni-Channel Design and Deployment
    Services backed with high quality technical teams scaled to your needs and your budget
  • End-to-End Service
    Propositions that make sense to you, from business process review, right through to application management services, we will tailor services to your needs

Our Retail Technology Services

  • Consulting: Portfolio management and review, engaged roadmap strategy and alignment, business process review
  • Interim Leadership: Interim and fractional IT leadership propositions
  • Rapid Solution Innovation: Pragmatic approach to engaged solution design coupled with Verbat Technologies delivery capability

Benefits of working with us

  • Our global Sales & Delivery presence gives you local touch-points at every stage of the engagement
  • Our proven Technology Expertise builds robust solutions to accelerate your success in the Digital economy
  • Our innovative Service Models deliver the right solution in the right place at the right price point

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