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A holistic approach to security management.


Business Drivers

Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) is the largest and leading private media company in the Middle East & North Africa. With multiple offices operating across different locations, MBC found it difficult to manage its safety and maintenance issues for its various properties. For this the company required an innovative and structured approach to execute the daily checklist to be used by the security and maintenance officers.

Our Solution

We developed a Smart Security System, an Android mobile application to execute the daily security checklist. The security and maintenance officers could record issue details in photos as well as voice notes, report the area, location, and check its status. In addition to the ability of recording concern/issues, they could be viewed at any time as reports.

Key Application Features

  • User Management and Assignment /Dashboard
  • Branch View /Security patrol checklist / Inspection report / View Patrol checklist /Report issue
  • Capture Image /Record Audio

Business benefits

  • Digitized maintenance scheduling
  • Comprehensive reporting with functionality for customizable reports brings transparency into system history and promotes compliance
  • Increased operational savings
  • Early detection of problems or service
  • Increased staff productivity


Development Environment - ASP.NET
Database - MS SQL 2012
Server - Windows Server
Mobile - Android

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