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Event management with audit trail.


Business Drivers

Our client, F&E (part of Tarsus group) is one of the most influential names in the Middle East’s Events sector having delivered international trade events across a variety of markets since 1958. We were approached for a solution developed with Drupal that could effectively streamline their event management operations. Our development team had to overcome certain strategic challenges during this project; aggregating topic-specific data for the custom RSS feed from our client’s data sources, syndicating the content, and displaying relevant data depending on the users. Furthermore, we had to combine a customised dynamic form feature with the ordering system of the application.

Our Solution

We delivered a scalable solution with all the necessary features and all requirements were documented to ensure that the application met the client’s needs. The development team started by working on a custom RSS feed for the application during the initial phase, ensuring that the development was transparent and aided the team in getting inputs on ways to combine and use the dynamic form feature with the event and exhibitor ordering system. A pre-tested version of the application was developed ahead of schedule. The web-based application, named ‘Exhibitor Ordering System’ allows F&E to manage events and shows and has a comprehensive dashboard which facilitates online payment.

Application Functionality:
The super admin creates the aforementioned users excluding exhibitors. The admin creates shows, events, forms and exhibitor users. The exhibitors can fill out the forms, pay online and submit forms with the necessary orders. Sales users handle payments, and contractors can deal with the orders in the submitted forms. Reports can be generated based on events, forms, finance, contractors, and exhibitors.


  • Add shows and create events under a show
  • Create Exhibitors for event(users)
  • Create Contractors(users)
  • Create various types of forms and assign to exhibitors (Admin or other permitted users)
  • Event-based RSS feed
  • Payment gateway integration enabling exhibitors to pay online
  • Reports audit trail for the management
  • Secured access for users ( Admin users, sales users, exhibitors, finance users and contractors)

Business benefits

  • Audit trails
  • Integrated online payment method reducing financial complexities
  • Reports to help with decision-making
  • Responsiveness to mobile devices
  • Streamlined operation
  • Scalability


Development Environment - Drupal
Database - MySQL
Server - Linux
Web Server - Apache

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