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Tracking & managing business calls.


Business Drivers

As a global leader within the Private Business Aviation sector, Execujet prides itself in having a large and diverse employee group. The complexity and the quantity of telephony usage and business calls is a default byproduct of its operations. Tracking, monitoring, and managing business calls are a critical component of Execujet operational goals.

Our Solution

We were selected by Execujet Aviation Group to develop a system which allows for a complete and live overview of all business calls made across all geographies by all employees. Our solution allowed for auto management and monitoring of business phone usage, single sign on through Active Directory connection & authentication and a comprehensive dashboard which highlights all call details, by geography, by employee and by job profile.


  • Role-based Access Control
  • Monitor phone usage (business & non-business hours)
  • Graphical representation of tracking data
  • Recommends optimum mobile plan based on employee usage
  • Pending bill alerts and email notifications

Business benefits

  • Savings by optimizing usage
  • Accurate departmental cost accounting
  • Accurate trend analysis
  • Usage comparisons between users and departments
  • Advanced reporting


Development Environment - ASP.NET
Database - MS SQL Server 2008 R2
Server - Windows Server
Web Server - IIS 7.5

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