How Microsoft Technology Solutions could help your Company

Microsoft technology has evolved a good deal from that time in 1974 when Raymond F. Boyce and D. Chamberlin developed SQL at IBM. Move forward 30+ years and one of the latest offerings from Microsoft is the Nano Server. The company’s software offerings have long been known to compete successfully when it comes to delivering easy-to-use, flexible, powerful and secure solutions that team up impressively with technologies which businesses already have, by way of the cloud or on their device. This is where a Microsoft Technology Solutions service provider comes in, with frameworks and approaches that tap Microsoft products to develop a range of applications, covering desktop, web and mobile. Read on to learn how a Microsoft Technology Solutions Company can help your business.

Solutions for Different Industries, Different Disciplines

Generally, a reputable company with Microsoft Certified Professionals at the core and other Microsoft technology specialists to support, can deliver Microsoft initiatives for a range of industries including Manufacturing and Retail, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment and Travel and Transportation. Tailored solutions can be delivered for various disciplines including the following:

  • IT consulting – includes business intelligence, enterprise architecture and custom application development
  • Data management
  • Development and Maintenance
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobility and digital

Applying Technology to suit Business Requirements

It is common for businesses to approach a Microsoft Technology solutions service provider for any of various reasons such as dissemination of information, re-engineering, identification of B2B processes that could potentially gain from cloud collaboration, and hassle-free changeover to newer application environments. You can share your requirements and possibly, your preference of Microsoft product to be leveraged for the same, with the service provider. The choice of course would be one that suits yourself, your in-house business people, remote workers, traveling executives and/or others involved with your business. Here’s a look at a few of the technologies that a Microsoft Technology Solutions Company can help you work with, for optimum cost and time efficiency.

Microsoft Azure: This cloud computing operating system enables “on demand” computing. It was created to build, employ and manage services and applications through an international network of Microsoft-managed data centers. It offers both Iaas and Paas services and may be tapped to utilize computing resources whenever required and for flexibility. Instead of buying extra hardware for the purpose of computing jobs, you can ask your service provider for help in offloading data processing tasks to the cloud. This will ensure that your business needs pay only for whatever it utilizes, thereby decreasing long term expenses. Microsoft Azure can also be tapped for novel cloud solutions that increase connectivity, minimize risk and optimize security.

Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Server can serve as the foundation of your business’s IT infrastructure. It is in fact the foundation of all Microsoft products that call for data storage. Ask your service provider for help with tapping business intelligence tools so that you get optimum value from your business data stores. Another service request may be to merge your dissimilar systems with SQL Server. SQL Server is suitable for the development of mission-critical applications utilizing in-memory security technology across data warehousing, business analytics, business intelligence and OLTP.

Microsoft SharePoint: This is a web application platform and framework comprising a bundle of web technologies that share one technical interface. SharePoint combines document management, content management and intranet. Its web tools are directed at non-technical users. Talk to your Microsoft Technology Solutions Company about evaluation, design, planning and execution.

Microsoft .Net: The software framework .NET offers language interoperability across a number of programming languages. It incorporates a huge class library termed “Framework Class Library” (FCL). FCL makes available data access, user interface, cryptography, database connectivity, network communications, numeric algorithms and web application development. .Net is a fundamental element of a number of applications that work on Windows. It offers a common functionality for the running of those applications. Using .NET, your service provider can do things like full-fledged migration to .NET, or development of tailored business applications, portals and/or eCommerce sites.

Office 365: Office 365 refers to a bunch of software plus services subscriptions which offer productivity software and associated solutions to its subscribers. With respect to enterprise and business users, the platform offers plans such as social networking and email by way of hosted versions of SharePoint, Lync and Exchange Server and Office Web Apps, access to Office Software and integration with Yammer. You can learn how Office 365 would help to improve communication and collaboration efforts and increase efficiency and how it can be tailored to match the demands of your business from the Microsoft Technology Solutions service provider.

The Sky is the Limit

Considering how vast the Microsoft technology space is, you might as well assume that the sky is the limit with respect to things you can do with it. Given below are just some of the service offerings you can approach your chosen Microsoft Technology Solutions company for:

  • Development, migration, decommissioning and upgrading
  • Development, production support/monitoring and maintenance in Windows Azure, SharePoint, .NET and other technology platforms utilizing the managed services model
  • Legacy re-engineering, upgrading and migration services for SharePoint to SharePoint Online, Mainframe to .NET and so on
  • C# re-engineering
  • Unified Communications implementation, security, archiving, optimization and migration
  • Consulting for SOA enablement, application integration, change management and cloud computing, platform rationalization and portfolio assessment
  • IT project/portfolio management
  • System Center Management services

How a Solution is Delivered

When you approach a Microsoft Technology Solutions Company with your requirements, expect to be asked questions pertaining to them so that the former can properly understand exactly what kind of a solution you want. Based on your requirements, the service provider in consultation with you would finalize the components and plan. A trial would be set up with fundamental customization following which there would be validation of the prototype or concept. After this the final scope is defined followed by development, testing and execution which is in turn followed by user training. The last step is project sign off.

Here at Verbat, our software application teams have and continue to partner with clients from different industry verticals to deliver cost-effective software application solutions. They do this by way of a mixed model of onsite and offshore service delivery combined with knowledge and skill gained from Microsoft certifications and other technical degrees, and on-hand experience. If you are looking for a Microsoft Technology Solutions Company, we would like to be the ones to take your service call. Click here for more details: