Why outsourcing Enterprise Mobile App Development is a smart idea?

According to recent research from MarketsandMarkets, the enterprise mobility and BYOD markets are expected to grow at the rate of 15% CGR, to touch $181 billion by the year 2017. Companies favour enterprise mobility management solutions that are secure and user-friendly on the one-hand and that facilitate peak levels of adoption and investment returns on the other. In case your mind is moving back and forth over whether you should outsource your enterprise mobile app development requirements or meet them
in-house, read on to know why outsourcing is a better option.

7 Reasons why Outsourcing is a Good Idea

  1. To tap into expert knowledge that may be otherwise unavailableMobile projects, irrespective of whether they are native apps or mobile web, can be considerably complicated. The increase in complexity comes from aspects like platforms and devices utilized in an enterprise, permission and security controls, and kind and nature of integration needed with the backend systems.

    Building a mobile application calls for comprehension and expertise in user experience, coding, design, fixing a date for releases and taking action after receiving user feedback. Having an application development partner means that knowledge transition and growth would be quicker because they know their game.

  1. Access to wide-ranging expertise

    Considering the fact that enterprise mobile app development is a relatively new industry, your employees may still be in the learning stage. Outsource and you have readily available access to experts who have extensive knowledge in multiple aspects of application development for mobiles. The aspects covered would possibly include fundamental and intricate applications for Android tablets, Android phones, Windows Phones, iPads and iPhones, cross-platform mobile applications, utility mobile applications and technology solutions for PHP, JavaScript, Android and HTML for creation over multi-OS platforms. These experts may also be well-versed in catering to a variety of industries including manufacturing and retail, banking and financial solutions, media and entertainment and travel and transportation. The company would be able to help you through all the steps, from initial idea development through to architecture development and other steps, and ending in the final testing of the mobile software.

  2. Availability of necessary efficiency and infrastructureUnderlying systems and processes are necessary for mobile projects to work at their optimum level. In the course of the last few years, service providers have come up with best practices with libraries around them. Enterprise mobile app development companies would have a detailed understanding of mobile security, well-constructed libraries, blended approaches to quality assurance (QA) and analytics and lessons gained from many hundreds of mobile projects.
  3. You can easily disengage if not satisfiedIf you are not satisfied with the performance of the company, you can either put it on notice or discontinue its services. However, the process for sacking employees for poor performance is sluggish in the majority of companies. So getting rid of a poorly performing company is easier than getting rid of a poorly performing in-house employee.
  4. Can handle obstacles betterAn experienced service provider would anticipate difficulties and be proactive with respect to fixing them
  5. More time freed up to devote to core activitiesWhen you have a professional company taking care of your enterprise mobile app development, it means more time available for you to concentrate on your key activities such as getting hold of new business. You wouldn’t have to spend time in meetings to give instructions to or discuss with an in-house development team. What’s more, you can expect more productivity from them than from your in-house developers who may at times, be impeded by various corporate processes.
  6. For the cost benefitsYou need to spend money for office space and hardware or software purchase to get application development done in house. What’s more, hiring, training and keeping a team with up-to-date technology know-how and skill sets would cost you a good sum of money. Outsourcing will not cost as much.

So you’ve decided to outsource, what next?

Making the decision to outsource is just the beginning. Here’s a rundown of what you need to additionally keep in mind.

Choose the right partner

Asking questions such as the following will help you with this:

  • How many enterprises does your business have experience in developing mobile applications for?
  • Can you provide a list of those clients? OR Where should I look to get examples of enterprise mobile applications that your company developed?
  • Have you worked on applications similar to the one(s) we need?
  • What would be our medium of communication during the development process?
  • What element of novelty can you add to the application?
  • Will the mobile app go for approval to app stores?
  • How do you intend to test the application? (make sure it is agreeable for you)
  • How much would it cost to get this project completed and what are the payment terms?

Take these precautions

Be sure about your specifications – This means that you should know exactly what you want your application to do and which audience you are targeting it at as well as have some idea of how the application should look.

Don’t think that cheap is good for you – The company that charges the lowest may not provide the best service. You need to give importance to quality over price. Having said that, you need to make sure you are yourself clear on how much the enterprise mobile app development could cost (an approximate price range) before putting your set of questions across to the company. To get an idea of the approximate development price for your requirement, perform a break-even analysis on your Microsoft Excel sheet. Type your selling price and multiply it by the quantity of downloads you think you could get. Also incorporate the ad revenue you expect to acquire from these downloads. With this, you’ll have a rough estimate and can prefer a bidder who offers superior mobile app development that fits into your pricing expectations. Whichever the vendor you choose, you’ll still get cost benefits compared to hiring and maintaining your own team of app developers.

Be certain about confidentiality and ownership – Usually, the company or individual that pays for the mobile app is the rightful owner of the completed product. However, don’t leave anything to chance. Both the company and yourself should sign a written agreement that confirms confidentiality while also declaring that you own the application’s source code, design and all its content.

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