How to find and choose an ASP.NET Development Company in India

It’s true that India has been and continues to be a preferred outsourcing destination for both India-based and global companies. The reasons for this trend are many with the key ones being: the ability to tap talent, state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure for low costs; speedy time-to-market because of time zone differences, and the Indian government’s favorable IT policies. But, how do you find an ASP.NET development company in India to suit your specific requirements and preferences? No, don’t scratch your head. Finding a service provider and the right one too is a cakewalk. You’ll see how in the following paragraphs.

Prerequisite – what do you want and for how much?

You need to be absolutely sure about what your requirement is (whether to build an entirely new desktop application or some other requirement) and how much you’re willing to pay for it before you start looking for a company to match that requirement. A good application development company can custom-design a plan for your budget. Still, you can also look for one that offers different plans if you’re uncertain of your maximum budget.

The Initial Search – Research and Ask

Here are some ways to find a list of companies to consider:

  • Use the search engines: Google and Bing are the popular choices. Just enter the search term “.NET development company India” (with or without quotes) and see the responses that are returned. Give preference to the companies/service providers that appear on the first 1 or 2 pages of the search engines.
  • Search in online Indian directories: Some of the top directories you can search in are:,,,, and
  • Nothing beats recommendations: Ask anyone in your own family, your co-workers, neighbors, friends or even any local businesses you know if they can recommend a good service provider. If someone has had a good experience with a particular company, it means less anxiety for you.

Post the question on social media – Ask your friends, followers and/or contacts of your social media profiles if they know of any company that they can recommend. Additionally, you can look for communities in Facebook that talk about or have to do with application development and you can ask the members for their thoughts and suggestions on the subject.

Making the Choice – Factors to Consider

Once you have a list of service providers, go through their website and call each of them. This is to compare them based on the following factors so that you can make your final choice of an ASP.NET development company in India.

Longevity and experience

Generally, companies that have been in a specific business for a fairly long period of time are more reliable. This is because a long and successful stint in the industry means they can consistently deliver great outcomes, products and services, and sustain business-customer relationships for the long term.

With respect to the developers who are being considered to work on your project, check if they have the requisite certifications and technical skills to handle .NET projects. At the developer level, the person should have no less than 2 years of experience and at the level of CTO or IT Director, 10 to 15 years of experience is good. The more experience the ASP.NET developer has, the better equipped he will be to handle technical hurdles efficiently. In addition, he will put forth the right questions and make sure he understands your requirements perfectly before he takes on your project.

Looking at experience from another angle, see if the company you are considering has worked on projects in your industry or similar to it. So, if you are associated with the telecom industry, check whether they delivered any projects for a client in that industry. If yes, it means they already have a sample solution for your requirement and it can be altered, modified considerably or else not considered at all depending on your preference. If they have not worked on a project in your industry, that’s not bad either. You can still go through the portfolio of their projects to see if you like their work and would like to sign them on for your project.

Other areas of experience you might possibly look for include: experience in developing applications from scratch, creating features similar to those in your project, legacy application migration and, working on complicated ASP.NET projects, especially if yours is.

Proficiency in Microsoft Technologies

In addition to expertise in a number of Microsoft technologies such as C#, VB.Net and J#, check whether the ASP.NET development company in India has utilized ASP.Net in combination with technologies such as Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint to develop, bring into use and for upkeep of web apps. The company you hire should have solid knowledge of all or almost all areas of ASP.NET development including cross platform integration, interoperability, security features, development of service oriented architectures and code reuse.

Mobility support

Though you may not require applications for any mobile platforms now, you may need them later. So your company of choice would ideally offer development support for this in-house so that you don’t have to look for another company in future for mobile platform-supporting applications. Check if the service provider is familiar in doing the following:

  • Developing Windows Phone, Android and iPhone apps with ASP.NET
  • Adding mobile pages to ASP.NET MVC application/web forms
  • Working with mobile elements in an ASP.NET MVC 4 application

Are they up-to-date?

Being up-to-date is absolutely essential in the software application development industry. Which companies in your list for a possible ideal ASP.NET development company in India devote time to keeping pace with changes in areas such as high performance frameworks? Find out.


The company should be willing to agree beforehand to assume responsibility for any work required for the purpose of modification, ongoing maintenance or to fix any unexpected, time-consuming glitches that could crop up.

Budget and customization

At the outset, we mentioned the importance of deciding on a budget. Make sure the company you go with has something to fit into your budget whether it is a fixed plan or a tailored one. Even it is a fixed plan, there should be an option for customizing the ASP.NET platform to suit your specific demands.

Is round-the-clock support available?

Should there be any problem or complication you experience in your ASP.NET application, there should be someone available to immediately rectify the problem or answer your query (ies). Though 24/7 support is not a necessity, do take it as a preference.

Partnerships and awards

Check if the company is a Microsoft Certified Partner because this shows that it is technologically proficient and also has business-specific competence. You may also look for other partnerships and awards that may give one service provider an edge over the other.

Be careful!

Whichever be the ASP.NET development company in India you are opting for, make sure there are no hidden terms or expenses. Ask for the full cost with everything included (including possible modification and maintenance) and get it in writing if you can.

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