Mastering the Top 5 SEO Trends of 2022

Most of you know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become inevitable in attracting consumers to online platforms. As SEO is continuously changing, you must stay in the know of top and the latest trends to convert your content strategies into effective ones. If you are still depending on the outdated SEO tactics that you have been executing for years without any results, it’s time for you to learn and switch to the newest strategies. You should note that these old tactics like keyword stuffing are no more capable to fetch you the desired results in today’s SEO landscape and can even negatively impact SEO. This makes the scenario vital that you adapt your strategies to the latest trends and it is also an overwhelming prospect.

To help you to take this mandatory step for staying on top of the trending evolutions in SEO and witness positive results, we are going to extract here the top 5 among them that will have a great impact in 2022. 

Come, let’s start.

AI to Play a Vital Role in SEO

As AI continues to rule the digital world and is transforming how folks are interacting online, so is its key role in SEO strategies. When Google revealed its AI algorithm RankBrain, reports show that it is most likely to become one of the significant ranking factors for Google’s SERPs to watch in 2022. Google has not provided us any info on the internal workings of how RankBrain analyzes the content, many businesses are now wondering how to tailor the content strategy to an AI algorithm.

Experts put forward that User Experience will be the major ranking factor, it simply implies RankBrain will be utilizing the time spent by visitors on a website and the click-through rate, as the key factors for prioritizing content. So make sure your website content is well-organized and is enough to fascinate and engage the online audience.

Switch to Long-Form Content

High-quality content is the thing that always works for Google to rank. Content length is not a ranking factor, but there is a strong bond between long-form content and better rankings. This is because, long content is more possible to display E-A-T signals; Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, the principle on which Google identifies the quality content of a web page. This is also something businesses need to take care of while creating content for their website.

Substituting the usual short-form content with quality long-form content can help you in improving the search rankings lot. To create successful long-form content, one needs to keep readers engaged and for this, breaking content into numerous subsections with H2 and H3 subheadings can make content more scannable. 

Mobile Friendliness 

In 2015, Google made mobile-friendliness officially a ranking factor. If you want to optimize your content for mobile devices, it is more crucial than you ever thought. While ranking any content, the search engine primarily analyzes the mobile version of your website and this swap was needed as studies show that 75% of online users will be accessing the internet solely through mobile devices by 2025.

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You can check your website’s mobile effectiveness using Google’s free mobile-friendly test. Google’s mobile usability report will assist you to identify the issues with your mobile website and what you can do to fix those. As many users come from mobile devices, you must make certain that your content is optimized for such people.

Rich Snippets 

Google loves rich snippets as they benefit crawlers to extract and show the precise content searched by the user delivering a better experience to them. A rich snippet comprises the elementary information of a standard snippet with pictures, ratings, and added details like location and availability. 

Rich snippets generate high click-through rates, which means high traffic to the website and leads to an increase in conversion rates and much higher ranking. Now you know optimizing your rich snippet is important and you can do it easily by making it visually appealing and ensuring it contains the relevant information that the users are looking for. 

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Including Videos 

If you want an effective SEO strategy that really works, you should include videos in it. In recent years, usage of online video platforms has scaled rapidly and by 2022, it is expected that online videos will make up more than 82% of the whole internet traffic. In fact, studies reveal that 72% of the customers want to learn about a product or service via online videos as they are a rather convincing way to buy the products.

What you want to comprehend here is, integrating optimized video content in your SEO strategy keeps you moving forward in the game. This can be done in several ways. Include user-friendly overviews about your video channel so that users better understand what kind of videos you are going to provide for them. Keywords also play a significant role to optimize your video content. But, instead of stuffing too many of them, you can easily target and direct your videos to the intended audience by simply adding a few suitable keywords and hashtags to your video descriptions.

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SEO is persistently evolving and continues to play a crucial part in how your content is ranked. Stuffing content with so many keywords is an obsolete technique now, you need to think, work, and produce quality compelling content that ranks well in Google’s Algorithms. We are sure that now you have a crystal clear idea of the ongoing SEO trends of 2022 as we have detailed here the top 5 of them exclusively for you. Keeping up with the current trends will benefit you to plan your SEO strategy accordingly and cling you to move on the right track. After all, staying in the loop is the need of the hour!

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