Quintessential Facebook Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

We all are living in a fast-paced environment where everything has gone digital in our life. Earlier, if you plan to boost your business more, you would have run ads on radio, television, etc. Times have changed the mode of marketing too. All establishments now rely greatly on social media marketing, as social media acts as a simple and powerful tool to convey whatever we are thinking, doing, or planning, to the outer world. In addition to this, the other crucial reason for the wide popularity of social media may be the ease of using it. Anyone can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms effortlessly without digging deep into their roots.

Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram have become the most used platforms for promoting one’s business- clothing, jewelry, artworks, photography, etc., no matter if it belongs to small scale or large and it is difficult to wrap up this ongoing list. Facebook is a network where we connect with our friends and family, and it reportedly surpassed two billion active monthly users making it the largest social media network in the world. Here, we are focusing on the effective Facebook marketing tips that can really help you to take your business to the next level. So come, let’s start.

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Most of us belong to the category of Facebook users who usually use it to post pictures or videos, check on the status of others, chat with our friends via Messenger, considering Facebook just as a fun social space. But for the successful promotion of your business on Facebook, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what all opportunities Facebook provides for marketing and how it differs from the other social media.

One cannot use the usual hard-sell approach on Facebook where you repeatedly list your products or services and their prices using advertising slogans. Doing in such a way can get you negative comments that will consequently lead people to “unfollow” your page. And you already know how negative comments and feedback adversely affect your business, as they are critical in online business.

Set a Clear Goal and Strategy

While using Facebook for business, it is significant to set a goal and work on the strategy to achieve the goal. This will direct you in the right way to Facebook marketing and help you to measure your reach towards the goal.

For instance, a cake shop can set a goal to achieve a 10% increase in its sale via Facebook in the upcoming six months. If that’s the case, the Cake shop’s strategy might include:

  • Creating
    posts on the specials and deals of the day, offering coupon codes to avail
    discounts to customers to boost sales
  • Posting
    daily on the exceptional and the most trending items of your shop
  • Encouraging
    your customers to post their happy snaps of enjoying your product

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Regular Posts

Social media is structured around frequent updates unlike traditional media or online media. Recent studies show that Facebook users check their page over twenty-five times a week. It simply put forth that people want to see if fresh material gets posted on your page on a regular basis. Posting regularly with interesting content is highly recommended, this can help you to know how often your audience wants to hear from you.

Quick Reply to Comments and Feedbacks

Facebook users are usually fond of talking to people and starting a conversation is a direct way to engage with folks. Foremost with this approach, you can ask questions to the audience to understand their temperature on any topic. So utmost care should be taken that whoever manages your Company or Business Facebook page should be writing or replying in the way it sounds genuine and friendly. Your Facebook page is the voice of your business, things should be expressed in your own words than using the Company’s jargon.

You can encourage your page followers to comment on your posts with feedback and suggestions. If they do so, you should respond to them as early as possible, within 24 hrs. Failing to which your Facebook friends wouldn’t like to engage with you and they gradually say ‘bye’ to your page.

Pictures and Videos to Engage Audience

Pictures and videos play a vital role to keep your friends engaged and entertained. They are the inevitable elements of Facebook that you need to use often. A clothing retailer can post photos and videos of new arrivals with their product codes, an architect can share the ongoing as well as the completed projects and what specialties or technologies are used in construction, a fitness trainer can post workout videos and suggest diet plans, etc.

People like it more when your Facebook page provides interactions with fun by including contests, offers, games, and surveys. Discounts and giveaways have become the trending reason for customers to follow any business page these days. Games and contests can be effectively utilized to keep your page lively and short surveys should be provided for your customers that can be easily clicked and shared among other friends, without annoying them.

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Live Streaming to enhance your Sales

The live streaming feature was introduced in Facebook in 2015 and now most of the social media networking platforms use this feature. People buy their products from the brands they feel are genuine. Live streaming can help you to increase your brand awareness among customers by engaging with them in real-time. You will also get high visibility benefits including showing up at the top of user’s feeds and you can have other hosts or participants join the call.

Learn about Customers with Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights tell you more about people who are likely to follow your page. Understanding the traits of such people can grab you more followers by tailoring posts and offers to their interests and needs.

The covid pandemic arise has definitely made more and more businesses stay online without meeting their customers. As an online seller, you can review the interests, ages, and locations of your customers using Facebook insights so that you get a candid picture of what they think and feel about your products or services.

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Promoting your online media throughout the business is another tactic that people use in this period. For this, you just need to simply provide your Facebook account info on your website, business cards, letterhead, ads, and email signatures as well.

Facebook Ads to drive Conversions

Now you have mastered the major concepts of Facebook to promote your business. But what you have learned here so far belongs to organically increasing traffic to your page at minimal cost. Now it’s time to discuss Paid Social Media. It simply involves using paid advertising, one of the most immediate and efficient ways to upturn the reach of your content to the ideal customers based on their interests and behaviors. It can save your time and money by delivering the ads to those people who are more likely to convert.

By running Facebook Ads, anyone can fuel their business growth, especially those who are starting without much experience in advertising or do not have a good budget to spend. You can choose the type of ad that you feel looks more attractive to people from the list of options like image ads, video ads, poll ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, etc.

Facebook currently has 2.910 billion active monthly users to be precise, out of which 66% of users log in to their accounts using mobile devices or desktops. India topped the list of countries having the most Facebook users with 349 million active users, according to the October 2021 reports.

The best marketing strategy is always to provide the customer with a reason to follow your page. Posting useful content, engaging sincerely with conversations, and offering rewards for loyal customers will aid you to nurture positive relationships with your customers. Marketers with a powerful plan can reach a potential audience of 2.276 billion users using Facebook ads, hence delivering us the best tool to generate leads.

Be patient, consistent, and give time to develop a good number of followers to your page. Always remember, “Slow but steady wins the race”!

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