Building Website for Small Business; How Much Does It Cost

As this decade is completely driven by the online landscape, everyone knows the importance of a website. No matter what business you run, your website is the voice of your company and it should be appealing for the customers to visit. 

But how much does it cost to build a website? Does it cost too much?

The first thing you need to understand is, it is not easy to build a web page that brings positive results for your business. The factors like the average cost and the average time needed to build a website completely rely on many elements, mainly how huge your business is and what goals you want to achieve through it.

Here we are trying to make it better comprehend what all things are needed to keep in mind before you create a small business website and its cost estimates.

What is the average cost to build a website?

Small businesses spend $2000 to $10,000, on average. It covers most of the major costs including designing and building your site, purchasing domain names, web hosting plans, etc.

How much a business pay for its website is determined by its size, features, and complexity. Complexity increases with adding more features and custom-built designs, and so is the website cost.  

What are the factors that influence creating a website for small businesses?

In this part, we are going to discover what all essential cost factors make up for the average cost of designing a website.

Domain name

The domain name is the address of your website. Generally, one shall purchase their domain name matching the company name. For instance, the IT giant Apple’s domain name is

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A domain name usually prices from $0.95 to $12 per domain name and people buy it from companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, and Dreamhost.

Website Hosting

Web hosting is the system that empowers your online visibility. You require a web hosting plan if you want to find your way to the digital world. Because web hosting companies shall help you to make your website available on the internet.

Various web hosting plans are available with each web hosting service provider and they charge $24 to $24,000 per year. But as it is a small business, you may look for some plans that cost less.

Most small businesses choose a shared hosting plan over the others since such businesses require fewer resources and also costs less. With this hosting, your website shall be shared with numerous other websites.

How much does a server cost for a small business? Shared hosting prices are about $24 to $120 per year. If you would like to add more server resources, you can simply upgrade the plan.

SSL Certificate

An SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certificate protects your website data as well as the data of the site visitors from hackers. Thus most businesses regard it as a trust signal for customers to purchase a product from your website.

Based on your requirements, you can purchase an SSL certificate to secure your site which costs up to $1500 per year. Perhaps, your web hosting company may include an SSL certificate with your hosting plan.

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Website Design

Website designing is another important cost factor for any kind of business website. The price range also varies from design to design with the website look you need for your business. 

Some people prefer a simple look for the home page or products page whereas some go for a high-end layout which may need more templates or designs, that take time. This may cost within a range of $2000 to $15,000.

Before you hire a web design agency, you can ask for their sample works as well as design costs for both basic and complex designs. Web design Companies like Verbat can offer you the best small business website package to fulfill your business goals.

Number of pages

The size of your website is can be small, medium, or large based on the number of pages. A service-based company may require less than 10 pages but at the same time, eCommerce websites show over 100 pages. With the increase in the number of pages, it takes time and cost to design these pages.

Furthermore, the web development agency you choose needs to upload images, videos, and other content, and test the pages. This again needs time and that is why it costs more for websites having many pages.

The average page number needed for small businesses ranges from 1 to 50 and it generally charges $1000 to $5000.


The functionality of a website is decided by the range of features included in the website, especially the eCommerce capabilities. 

Your business website can offer online orders and payments and they lead to functionality expenses. As online payment brings more convenience to customers, you can provide it even for the service you offer like home maintenance, plumbing, etc.

As small websites don’t require payment systems like that of large websites like Amazon, the expense falls in between $2000 to $25,000.

For more accurate website design estimates, chat with our experts at Verbat. We can guide you to identify what kind of functionality can better work for your business. 

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A Content Management System or CMS lets you create, maintain, and update the content of your website, which doesn’t require coding knowledge. WordPress is the most widely popular CMS. 

With the help of a CMS like WordPress, you can update or change any content like product pricing, service details, etc. by simply logging in to it, without asking for help from the developer.

How much you invest in CMS shall rely on the CMS you select and the customization you make. A CMS charges $2000 to $25,000 on average. 

In addition to these above-mentioned expenses, you should also plan for the website maintenance costs required. These are the recurring charges that are necessary to keep the performance and security of your website. 

For example, if you don’t renew the domain purchase, someone else can buy that domain name and you shall be lost it. Renewing website hosting plans will keep your website live. The same is applicable with SSL certificate, website functionality, CMS, and maintenance and for this, the agency shall charge you a minimum amount needed.

Choosing a Web design Expert at Affordable Prices

The expense of building a business website depends immensely on whether you want to create a DIY website or with the help of a web design company.

Of course, a DIY website shall cost much less than professional web designs, but always think before you leap.  

Do you have enough time to research how to make a business website and master the techniques needed to develop it? 

Are you confident to troubleshoot the issues and maintaining your website consistently? 

These are the significant reasons for people often hiring a website design company for their businesses. Because investing in qualified web design services saves your time a lot. 

A veteran team of web designers can create a lovely and operational site that benefits your business to grab customers. Your investment shall pay for itself over time.

If you are thinking about how to create a website for my business and looking for fast and functional website building, just contact Verbat to get it done at cost-effective prices!

We not only offer web design services but also web hosting, mobile app development, software development and digital marketing services for our valuable clients. 

Don’t worry we shall provide you the accurate estimates for the service we deliver to you.

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