Web Hosting 101: 6 Ways to Market Your Web Hosting Business

Now that you know the fundamentals of web hosting, you can give the hosting business a shot. But you need the world to know what you are doing, and the kind of services you offer. This guide can give you an edge, and help you market your web hosting business the right way.

As a beginner, you can leverage what you already have to make your business known. Here are 6 ways you can do just that.

Social Networking

One of the best marketing tools available for any businessman with big dreams. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, if used wisely, can accelerate the growth of your business while garnering loyal followers. Start by creating accounts in popular social media platforms, and then building a profile with information about your company, links to your company blogs and website etc.

Do not rush it and start promoting your business right away. Establish yourself in the online community by posting relevant news articles, and make your presence known in tech forums. Though this approach takes a good amount of patience and time, you will end up with many followers. Then you can promote your business in a way that your followers would become your customers and spread the news.

Search Engine Optimization

Anyone who wishes to start a business online would be familiar of the term SEO. Search engine optimization is what you do to get your website and business noticed by search engines, and have your website ranked high in search engine result pages (SERP).

SEO is not that complicated. You can find a number of articles that explain the general concept, and learn helpful tips to improve your ranking in Google, the most widely used search engine in the world.

Once you understand the concept, you can begin by using tools like Google Analytics to identify the terms people use to search for the services your business offers. Seed those words or ‘keywords’ on the content and landing pages in your website to catch the attention of search engine crawlers, and boost your relevance in searches. Earning backlinks from other reputed websites can give your website a significant SEO boost.


As the name suggests, backlinks are basically links that take users back to your website from another website. Google values backlinks a lot. A couple of high-profile backlinks can give you a great boost in search engine rankings. Earning backlinks won’t be easy. You will need to get in touch with other businesses similar to yours, do favors, and earn backlinks from them.

You can post popular articles related to your products/services from reputed websites, and request backlinks in return. Do not expect results overnight but when you start getting backlinks, you will notice the impact on your website’s rankings.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletter is how you get your message to people who would be interested in the services you offer. Email newsletters are mostly targeted to a specific audience – your subscribers. There are plenty of email newsletter platforms available to manage your contacts, and schedule newsletters to be sent to them. Most platforms won’t cost you more than $30 a month.

Email newsletters can also be used to give promotional offers to subscribers encouraging them to try out your services instead of simply advertising them.


Post relevant articles. Get people to read them. Sit back and watch your business’ increasing popularity. Sounds easy, right?

Not so in practice.

Well written, informative, and interesting articles are not that easy to write. But they do give exponential results. Articles can increase your followers, get them to visit your website via backlinks and increase web traffic, and can enhance your business presence in more ways than you think. Relevant, good quality articles also positively influence your SEO.

A single article can continuously drive traffic to your website. One impressive article is better than having ten run-of-the-mill articles that people don’t want to spend time reading. You can post articles on your websites and on free article-submission platforms to increase followers. Make sure to promote your best articles through social media platforms.


Forums are online communities where people get together to discuss various stuff. It’d be easy for you to find forums that discuss web hosting. All that’s left is to contribute information, make yourself known, make friends, and build trust with people. If your services are good, they will help get your business more exposure.