4 SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking in 2016

While many businesses use various SEO techniques to get their business on the first page of search engine results, some of them don’t bother whether they use White Hat, Black Hat or Grey Hat techniques as long as they get the desired results. This is not a good approach to SEO. Some of the search engine optimization strategies can get your business website penalized and permanently drop its rank.

Times have changed. 2016 calls for more effective yet careful SEO strategies that might require you to modify your previous SEO approach if you aren’t getting good results.

Here are a few effective SEO tips to improve your Google ranking while keeping your website safe from rank drops.

Link building is ok, if…

A commonly practiced strategy, link building includes buying, asking, and selling links. Last year, Google’s John Mueller suggested that link building is unnatural and that webmasters should refrain from using it. However, Google clarified that link building is alright if it’s used in the right way without violating guidelines. Ensure that your business uses link building the right way and avoid dire consequences.

Mobile is the key

eMarketer’s predictions about mobile searches surpassing desktop/laptop searches proved to be true to a certain extent last year. So it’s safe to say that smartphones/tablets will be the key factor for organic traffic and paid clicks in 2016. People now use mobile devices for quick searches. Adapting to changing technologies, Google now gives more importance to mobile-friendliness of a website before ranking it. This means your website should be optimized such that it appeals to mobile users. This goes for your product pages, layout and overall website design.

Lots of content…and good ones too

In 2014, Regalix concluded that 96% of marketers provide informative contents using Search Engine Marketing. In 2016, original content matters more. Try to use fresh contents in your website. Just one or two posts every month will not cut it. In fact, it can lower your rank.

There should be an abundant supply of fresh contents of different varieties targeting the users in your niche. Make sure these contents are informative while conveying why your organization is unique at the same time. The constant update and inflow of fresh content will get you noticed by Google. So keep them coming and go up in ranks.

Where does Social Media fit in?

One last tip before we conclude – The role of social media in SEO. More than 70% online marketers leverage social media to boost SEO. Although businesses include social media in their SEO approach, it still isn’t being effectively used in various parts of the globe. For example, social media marketing in Dubai reaches users but fails to get them to notice the businesses in most cases.

This is exactly the reason why an SEO strategy combining Content Marketing and Social Media is one of the best approaches a business can use. Google has revealed that social signals have become an important ranking factor now. The more social signals you have, the faster you rise in search rankings. Use social media to expose the contents you have rather than focusing on getting your organization noticed.

Keeping all these tips and the aforementioned factors in mind, revise your SEO approach to get better results. Even if you rely on an SEO Company, make sure they do it the right way without violating Google’s guidelines.

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