4 Questions You Should Ask any SEO Company Before Hiring It

It never is easy to identify a great SEO partner especially when getting your business in the top rank list of search engines is a dominant factor of business expansion. With the rising competition in SEO services, it’s difficult to pick a partner that delivers on their promise.

A gaudy website and SEO jargons don’t make an SEO company good enough to help your business grow. That’s why you should definitely ask 4 questions before making a wise choice.

May I know your present, past and long running clients?

This question aims at helping you measure the capabilities of an SEO company. If the company is what they claim to be, they will have no issues in providing you with details of their work with past clients as case studies, along with other proofs that their services have helped many businesses. Although most of them won’t be able to share much, they will surely be able to share reports on how their services made a positive impact on their clients.

Will I be able to know the changes that you make in my site?

This question stems from the fact that SEO consultants might make changes in your website coding as part of their SEO campaigns. You will need to know what all webpages will be subjected to these changes and how it will affect your business’ SEO. You may even suggest letting them ask for permission every time they change a website code.

What type of Link building do you follow – White Hat, Black Hat or Grey Hat?

According to experts, using Software or other automated techniques to build links for a website may only grant a short term boost. This is considered to be a Black Hat approach. Chances are, it will do more harm than good in the long run. It is also not wise to let your SEO partner buy links on your behalf. Paid links also grant your business a temporary SEO boost, until Google finds out and penalizes you, which will cost a whole lot more. White Hat tactics, on the other hand, is a slow but fruitful process if executed properly. It primarily includes hand-crafted links, blogging and content marketing, as well as social share.

Do you stick to search engines’ SEO guidelines?

Google posted “Webmaster Best Practices” publically, asking SEO Consultants and Website owners to prohibit a couple of SEO practices like bogus links, spam contents etc. You have to make sure that your SEO Services provider abides by these rules. Otherwise, your business may end up with an abysmally low search results rank or, worst case scenario, get banned from search results completely. The Webmaster’s Best Practices are not just limited to Google. There are guidelines for other search engines as well.

Remember that an SEO Consultant can help or harm your business. A good SEO partner is especially difficult to find in the UAE. Keep in mind the fact that any SEO company Dubai is answerable to all the aforementioned questions and more to prove their worth as a beneficial SEO Consultant.