SharePoint to Get Mixed Reality Support with SharePoint Spaces

Microsoft’s always had a pragmatic approach when it comes to Virtual Reality. The tech giant seems to be sticking to that approach with SharePoint spaces, the most recent addition to one of the most Microsoft technologies today. SharePoint spaces enables users to build and view Mixed Reality experiences with SharePoint platform, potentially redefining collaboration.

SharePoint Spaces

SharePoint Spaces serves a purpose similar to PowerPoint. The latter made it easier to create business presentations. SharePoint Spaces, however, helps build content viewable with Mixed Reality headsets or with browsers that support WebVR. It features templates for content like a 360 degree videos or a gallery of 3D models – anything immersive enough to be potentially of use in training employees or a virtual customer catalog.

The technology was unveiled on May 21 during the SharePoint Conference North America opening keynote.

Potential usage scenarios

Microsoft teased a lot of potential usage scenarios for SharePoint Spaces including but not limited to:

  • Recruitment and training
  • Onboarding
  • Product development

This seems to go with Microsoft’s approach to support business-focused applications that leverage modern mainstream technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

Sneak peek on Microsoft’s new strategies

From what we can see, Microsoft’s new strategy for ‘modern workplaces’ seem to be revolving around mixed reality. At a recent Build conference, Microsoft unveiled two new Mixed Reality-based apps – Layout and Remote Assist, designed for work scenarios which speaks more on the tech giant’s strategy.

Despite the uncertainty whether SharePoint Spaces is just another solution without a problem asking for it, Microsoft’s gesture still seems to be potentially building up innovative opportunities from a business’ perspective. The highlight is that the user doesn’t need to have any 3D knowledge to craft a Mixed Reality experience with SharePoint Spaces. The feature might come of use for many business domains including software development companies.

Though SharePoint Spaces only gives a basic Mixed Reality experience now, it’s bound to be updated to pack better, more innovative features if Microsoft still sticks to its present approach. Microsoft reportedly plans to make SharePoint spaces available to anyone with an Office 365 commercial plan. Users would be able to work with templates with which they can create Mixed Reality environments. They have the option to add documents, 2D files, 3D videos, and many other data stored in SharePoint.

Microsoft also touted new additions to OneDrive and SharePoint that will augment the platforms to possess AI capabilities. Microsoft will be adding a Scan button to the OneDrive mobile app soon which will enable users to scan images, photos, business cards, and whiteboards. The app will also be capable of automatically uploading images to Office 365 which users can work with later.


The beloved collaboration platform seems to be climbing new heights or at least making an effort to. Considering the fact that VR/AR, or rather Mixed Reality, will play a pivotal role in the growth of businesses in the not too distant future, enterprises using SharePoint would heartily welcome the latest upgrade to the platform. For an Agile software development company that leverages SharePoint for collaboration, there could be a lot of immersive experiences ahead.