Bing Webmaster Tools: Looking beyond Google

The last word for nearly all website owners and developers when it comes to search results is Google. There is no need to justify their actions as Google has a hefty 67.6% share of the internet search market in the US alone according to But does this imply that other search engines should be ignored? We don’t believe so. And today we look at the second most popular search engine used globally i.e. Bing.

In the same study, Bing has 18.3 % market share in the search industry way ahead of Yahoo which has a meager 1.3 % of the total share. So the potential for search engine marketers, web developers as well as website owners to exploit the reach of Bing is phenomenal.

Bing has very good analysis and reporting capabilities in its webmaster tool that can be of help for you. Here is a brief overview of Bing’s webmaster tool features that help marketers and SEO analysts in planning and executing SEO campaigns and other strategies for better penetration in search results.

An intuitive Dashboard with a clean interface

As with Google, Bing also offers an easy to use Dashboard that lets users view several web page insights such as activities over a given period of time, the number of pages that have been crawled, the impressions that have been made, the total number of pages indexed, the number of crawl errors that have been detected, the number of user generated clicks made on a page and so on. In fact the interface is much simpler when compared with that of the ultra-complex Google Webmaster tool. Of course you get more significant insights with Google but Bing offers all major insights an SEO expert or webmaster would want while optimizing his site for Bing search results.

Page Configuration options

Here, webmasters can configure their website’s most strategic search tactics such as the addition of new sitemaps to lure search engine crawlers, filtration of URLs that are not really important for indexing, set controls for crawlers to prevent sensitive information from being exposed in search results and so on. You can even configure deep links that enhance search visibility and also disavow fraudulent or inappropriate links to your website. Thus it proves very handy in eliminating bad links to your site thereby protecting it from search engine blocks and bans. This section also aids geo-targeting and ownership verification as well as offers websites, the provision for social media integration with popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

Diagnostic Services

Bing offers an extensive array of diagnostic services that help us to plan keyword focus, back linking services, etc that help to combat weak search results. These tools also allow us to identify key search metrics that are underperforming which was ultimately one of the main reasons for the poor performance in search results.

Generation of Reports

Bing offers a simple reports and data section that lets users gain valuable information about the performance of your website on Bing. The reports are generated after analyzing data with several search engine parameters. These parameters play an important role in determining your website’s position in search results. They include search query data, indexing data, page traffic data to name a few. Besides offering these data, you also get SEO reports that highlight how much inbound links your site has, malware attack information, crawl information to name a few.

As you can see here, Bing offers a good number of potential search engine optimization opportunities for analysts and website owners to connect with a not-so-bad portion of internet search users. Its algorithms may not be as intelligent as that of Google but it certainly is a lot simpler when compared with Google. Keeping good track of SEO activities in Bing is easier than Google and also gives your site an extra edge over competitors.

Be it in the case of Bing or Google or Yahoo or any search engine that you want your business to top search rankings, the biggest requirement from your side is to be patient. A proper combination of time plus the best optimization methodologies implemented on your website could lead to unbelievable advantages in search rankings for your website. Whether it is Google or Bing or Yahoo, if you feel that your site could use some SEO, then feel no hesitation to connect with us the next moment. Our highly result oriented SEO experts would ensure that your site gets the best visibility possible on the internet. Visit our website for more information