What advantages does cloud hosting offer for businesses?

Cloud hosting is undoubtedly one of the most sought out website hosting platforms today. Be it large multinational corporations or SMB’s the popularity of hosting their website or web applications on a cloud server is the new norm for internet supremacy. The rise of cloud hosting has been phenomenal when compared with the rise of dedicated server hosting in the past. People were reluctant to adopt the cloud initially because of security concerns, but today the picture is different.

Cloud computing as a whole is part of a $20 billion plus industry today. And it is poised to gain further strides in the near future. Thanks to its unique advantages, many firms rely on cloud based hosting solutions for their consumer facing websites and web applications. If you have a business that definitely needs some attention on the internet, then you should be checking out the following benefits you can entail if you chose a cloud hosting solution.

Easy scalability

Upgrading your server’s memory, processing power, etc would be a burden both in terms of effort and finance if you have a dedicated server on your own. With cloud based hosting, you can say goodbye to these headaches. Upgrading your resources is never difficult as you can easily scale the required resource as per your businesses demand.

Resource pooling

Cloud hosting has clever load balancing techniques incorporated that allow you to make maximum utilization of all your available resources without having to face a resource crunch. This also makes it highly reliable when compared with VPH and dedicated server hosting services.


You have the freedom to add or modify any server side software according to your need including the OS kernel. These features are not usually guaranteed by other hosting solutions. Other users of the same cloud can never interfere with your resources and neither can you. There will be no questions about overload or stability as your own cloud will never be impacted by the presence of other users. You will be able to monitor your resources and their utilization and hence prevent unfair pricing for resources not used.

Financial viability

Cloud hosting is far more economical than having a dedicated server to host your web application. They have the best stability/cost ratio performance standards when compared with VPH and dedicated server hosting. You never have to face hardware acquisition or maintenance costs which by itself create a huge relief.

Minimal hardware failure

When your website is hosted on the cloud, you do not have to worry about downtime because it is not hosted on a single location but on a connected network that comes with the guarantee of uptime 24*7.

So as you can see, the benefits of cloud based hosting are too big to ignore and it is high time you move your business to the cloud to make maximum benefits of this hosting service. If you are on the lookout for the best cloud hosting solutions for your business, then all you need to do is to drop us a line and our engineers would provide you with the most comprehensive cloud solutions for your hosting concerns. Visit our website to know more.