How Microsoft Dynamics 365 App Improves Productivity of Businesses

For years, Microsoft has been heavily contributing towards the evolution of software development to what it is today; an ever-expanding industry that molds new technologies into innovative digital solutions. The tech giant recently made news after leveling up their ERP and CRM game by launching the Dynamics 365 Mobile.

Dynamics 365 App

The Dynamics 365 Mobile packs powerful analytics capabilities and would come in real handy for enterprises to simplify, streamline, and automate most of their business processes. With the app, users will have on-the-go access to various CRM functionalities that enable them to handle their activities quickly and efficiently.

The app’s features allow them to track and respond to queries, and also interact with customers from anywhere at any time. A good mobile experience is what customers prefer in this age, as people access the internet more via mobile devices today than desktops. Improved business productivity and competitive advantages are added benefits of Dynamics 365 mobile.

Features that would make a difference

  • Personalized Action Hub: One great feature of Dynamics 365 app is that it allows users to create a personalized mobile workspace. Upon launch, the app’s Action Hub would display features that enable users to perform their routine tasks faster. The action hub features include one to key in new records, receive notifications through smart cards, pin items on home screen for easy access etc.
  • Great UI: The new UI allows switching between multiple business modules seamlessly. Users generally found it quite challenging to switch between modules when using CRMs. Dynamics 365 app’s interface design makes it seamless and consistent across various devices, while also integrating with other Microsoft products including Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • AI-driven Relationship Assistant: AI can do wonders for modern businesses, and Microsoft knows that which is why Dynamics 365 mobile comes with an AI-driven Relationship Assistant that allows users to track and log all user activities and customer interactions for data analysis, action card recommendations, and of course for informed decision-making.
  • Offline Data Synchronization: Connectivity issues may cause problems when it comes to syncing data. But with Dynamics 365 app, this is no big deal. The app allows creating and storing notes even when offline, and syncs the data in the background when the connection is back online.
  • Visual Overhaul: Not necessarily a feature, but the overall visual appeal of the Dynamics 365 app grants a new feel altogether. The app shows every important information in a single screen with a vibrant layout. The dashboard is much more organized and compact now, and users won’t have to navigate much to access the data they need. It’s also easier to track progress in the forms.


Modern day CRM systems are mandatorily required to help businesses stay connected to their customers while on the move. Dynamics 365 mobile does just that, allowing customers to reach out to businesses right from their mobile devices at any time, and vice versa. For the business, the app improves employee efficiency with an AI-powered virtual relationship assistant, configurable dashboards, and offline syncing capabilities. Seems like the mobile CRM is on its way to being one of the most sought out Microsoft technology solutions in the market.