Integrated Marketing Report Tracker

Integrated marketing might come across as a simple concept at first glance: it means consolidating your various marketing efforts into a single coordinated whole. Consolidating the marketing efforts into a single platform is crucial for every company

  1. To know how exactly their marketing efforts are really performing.
  2. If they are working to build a solid customer base.
  3. Are any of their competitors attracting more customers than others?

But finding answers to these questions becomes humongous tasks when it comes to global brands dealing with many products in multiple regions and competing with many other top brands with equal resources.

Our client is a leading marketing analyst company in India helping leading brands in finding a focused view of their marketing campaigns and offering the big picture for their overall marketing strategy.

With a multiple customer channels and a dizzying number of data sources, our client wanted an integrated marketing analytical platform to help them get an accurate assessment for their global brands.

Our Challenge

The client wanted to analyze overall marketing spend on all three media platforms- TV, radio and print and research advertising activity specifically for television. The insights had to include a list of top brands advertised on TV within a category, a list of top brands advertised on TV within a genre and campaign performance based on viewership and reach across channels.

The data for television was obtained from BARC-India the industry body researching the viewership habits of over 197 million TV households in India. They provide granular data cutting across geographies, age group, gender and socio-economic groups.

BARC India TV viewership data is the currency basis which over 3 billion USD of advertising decisions, and 2 billion USD investment on content and marketing spends are made. Granular data helps broadcasters improve their programming strategy, and aids brands to plan better and target the right audience.

While mediums such as Print, and Radio are difficult to measure, TV viewership and campaigns are measured accurately with the data to analyse the impact and return on spends. The data is obtained every week for analysis.

Moreover the overall spending for various media is uploaded every month. With this such huge amount of data to be processed our client required platforms which provide high processing power and are also scalable with the growing data volume.

The requirement also included the marketing platform to be interactive with user friendly UI Graphical and visual representations. 

The challenge in front of us was that one how do we store and manage such huge volume of data efficiently. Two, how do we process and extract valuable information from this huge volume of data within a given time frame cost effectively.


Our search for a service with processing capacity and storage of the high volume data narrowed down to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.

Amazon EC2provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud and is designed to make web based cloud computing easier. Moreover it provides an elasticity wherein the capacity can be increased or decreased in minutes. The instances can also be switched on and off as and when required and still retain data .These instances can also be hibernated and brought to life when needed.

Amazon S3 is a secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage, accessible via simple web service interface, store and retrieve any amount of data. It can also be used alone and together with other amazon web services.

Both S3 and EC2 is also inexpensive. It employs an on demand billing model with no upfront commitments allowing you to pay for compute capacity by the hour.

Solution Architecture

The report tracker software we developed is a visually compelling and user-friendly marketing analytical platform providing insights such as

  1. Total marketing investment summary: This report include the overall investment done by an advertiser within brands within a subcategory.
  2. Top Brands in a category: This graph provides with a list of top brands advertised on TV within a category and helps understand how advertising campaigns for different brands has performed. For example, the user can find out which brands were advertised the most in Biscuit category.
  3. Top Brands in a genre: This report provides with a list of top brands advertised on TV within a genre and helps you understand how advertising campaigns for different brands performed has. It also tells the impact of genre favourability of different brands. For eg. You can find out which brands were advertised the most in Hindi GEC category.
  4. Brand Campaign Performance: Overall Evaluation of a brand campaign performance based on viewership and reach across channels. For e.g. Performance of Fair & Lovely campaign across channels.

Project Benefits

The chief benefit for the client includes the short processing time required for analysing a vast amount of data. The analysis can be obtained within 5 sec of initial load. Subsequent loading of same data requires a mere 1 sec.

To process such huge amount of data within a short amount of time would have required the service of a high end server solely dedicated for the process. This would require to buy or rent a server by the month, configure them, and manage them. Moreover as the process of analyzing data requires only a few seconds there would be wastage of resources.

The EC2 uses the elastic cloud computing model: the client can use the service of the high end server only when required and they need to pay only for what they use. The scale of the server can also be expanded according to the volume of data to be processed. With prices starting only from $.808 per hour this saves a lot of money and effort for the client.

With Amazon S3 the client can store and access as much data as they want and whenever they want to. Furthermore S3 employs the cloud computing model with pay as you use, which in itself is a very low price equivalent to $0.22/GB and $0.0125/GB for infrequent use.

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