Choosing the Right Software Testing Partner

When it comes to leveraging an enterprise solution that can benefit a business in more ways than one, one shouldn’t overlook the importance of software testing. There are several things to take into account before choosing a software testing company that you think is right for your business. The key to all this is your own quality assurance needs. Depending on those needs, your requirements from a software testing service varies.

Before signing a contract with a potential software testing partner, here are a few questions you should find answers to.

Does your potential software testing partner have a good reputation?

Reputation is not necessarily the most important aspect to consider. But a company with a bad reputation certainly doesn’t fit the profile of an ideal partner. It’s a good idea to look up your potential software testing partner on Google Reviews and their social media pages.

Reputation alone doesn’t say a lot about the quality of a company’s service. Looking up recent news articles on the company can shed some light on the company’s service quality.

Does the service’s price tag match its quality?

A preliminary research on the company’s reputation should also give an idea on their service quality and how most companies charge their software testing services. The next step is to check the pricing of your chosen candidates and see if their price tags match the quality expected from them. If any of them are charging more than what you would expect for their level of service quality or if the price exceeds your budget, you can cross them off your list.

However, almost every leading IT and Application management services company offering development and testing services would have slightly bigger price tags on their services mostly owing to their success streak and trusted reliability.

Then there are some companies offering services with suspiciously low prices. Chances are they could be either outsourcing testing services or cutting corners. To avoid such companies, it’s best to look into the technical capabilities of the potential candidates.

How qualified are your testers?

Looking into the qualifications of the people who will be doing the testing for you is also something you should not neglect. You need to make sure they aren’t just generalists who know their way around IT services. They should be specialists with experience when it comes to testing enterprise-grade software. It’s a good idea to speak directly with the testing team and get a measure of how professional they are when undertaking testing projects.

Can the candidate company integrate with your tools and technology?

This step ensures that the software testing company you are thinking of hiring is familiar with your existing quality assurance practices, and that they can integrate well with the technology you are already using.


Choosing the right company for testing is a challenge in itself. With software testing being just as important as software development today, businesses shouldn’t shy out of researching their potential partners thoroughly before signing the partnership contract.