Basic Attention Token and How It Will Disrupt Digital Marketing

Have you tried to avoid somebody but keeps bumping on to each other everywhere you go to the point of being annoying? Digital Advertisements have a bad reputation for being that friend.

Advertisers are unrelenting. They want them to be seen everywhere as possible and they get invasive to the extent that we are forced to see them. Ninety percent of user complains them to be increasingly intrusive over the last couple of years. This benefits nobody.

The Brave Blockchain browser and its incentive program the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is attempting to fix these issues by changing the way users interact with ads. Brave founder Brendan Eich is known as the brain behind JavaScript which he had built in hardly 10 days. (“God created the world in seven days, Duh”!)

Brave and BAT, want to disrupt the current digital advertising technology monopolized by majors like Facebook and Google. They aim to build a symbiotic ecosystem where users, publishers, and advertisers benefit from each other by trading on the value of attention.

So how does this work?

Step 1: Advertiser buys ads using BAT app platforms. 

These brave ads would appear as push notifications while the user browses the web. These brave uses machine learning to push the ads at a time that the browser finds appropriate and not interruptive. If the user finds it interesting and clicks on it, the ad opens on a new tab as a full-page ad.

Step 2: Users get incentivized for viewing ads

Ads are blocked in Brave as default as user privacy is the base on which the browser works on. Users can opt to view ads and can decide which kind to watch. This provides accurate customer information without breaching the privacy of the user. It also helps users to learn about the products and services of brands they care about. Moreover, any users who volunteer to view ads are paid a portion of the revenue for their attention and most important of all the data stays in the device.

Step 3: Publishers Are Compensated by Consumers and Advertisers.

Under BAT’’s revenue sharing program, publishers can have more say in their income rather than depending solely on advertisements. Now consumers can pay them, and they can also charge BAT for access to premium content and other subscriptions.  

It is a win-win situation for all. Users get paid for their eyeballs. Also, they can help their favourite publisher and content producers by allowing their ad to pass through while having a slice of the pie. 

Advertisers can evade the omnipresent ad blocker while accessing a large consenting user base who are incentivized to pay attention. This means more return on investment. Moreover, the analytics helps to reach out to your actual customers.

Publishers or content creators are rewarded purely on merit and they get better metrics on the ads they display because their users are actually paid to watch. You can keep both the viewers and advertisers happy with your content. Brave is still in its diapers and it is too early to say how it would disrupt the current digital advertising ecosystem. But it is slowly gaining momentum with 4.6 million active monthly users with eighty percent of them on mobile.

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