A ‘How to Guide’ to App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization (ASO) also called App Store Marketing or Mobile App SEO is basically about improving the visibility of your app on app store marketplaces like Google Play or Apple App store.  By increasing impressions, you can promote other goals such as driving traffic to your app and downloads.  The essence of ASO is the application of expert resources related to improving the ranking of mobile applications (apps) within the various app stores-iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store). 

A lion’s share of apps is developed with devices like iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone in mind.

Apart from increasing app downloads, supplemental goals can include items such as:  

  • Greater Brand
  • High Ratings and
    Positive Reviews
  • Audience
  • Marketing
    Channel Diversification

Understanding App Store Optimization

Key ASO Factors

The following factors have the best impact on your app ranks, so devote your attention to these factors:

App Name/Title 

The keyword used in the title tag should be the one with the highest search traffic. Invest time in searching which keyword that is, because any change to your title all too often can be damaging. As your app begins to rank higher and earn more positive reviews, the popularity of your app will also begin to rise through word of mouth. Frequent changes in the title can be confusing for the users.


Finding relevant keywords used by the target audience is crucial to improve your search rankings. It is also helpful to regularly check in with your competitors to know how you are progressing week to week.

Secondary ASO Factors

Along with the above key factors several other factors too, create an impact on user downloads such as

Total Downloads: The number of downloads is significant to ASO, but you have little control over them.

Rating and Reviews: This factor too is difficult to control but there are ways to motivate happy users to leave a positive review. 

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the factors to bear in mind while optimizing your app for better rankings.               

  1. App

The title is the first impression we make online. It is what will draw users into your app. Optimizing the title with a keyword enhances the search engine ranking by more than ten percent but with some caveats. The title is given a character limit of 30 and keyword stuffing is a big no-no! So be smart about how you optimize.

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  • App

Although technically the App store algorithm ignores App descriptions it comes in handy in explaining the features and benefits of your products to your user base. The number of characters you have to entice and convince someone to download your app is only 252. So keep it short and simple.      

  • Keyword

Apple allows you to enter keywords separated by commas with a character limit of 100 to help your app to get discovered via search and related content. Choose keywords you haven’t already used in the title tag. 

Detailed Keyword analysis can be done with the help of Apple Search Ads, an essential tool for listing any project. This feature is only available to iOS app developers.

  • App

The subtitle is an extension to the app title and will be seen underneath the app name and will be visible throughout the App Store. It is also critical as it influences keyword ranking. App subtitle is also limited to 30 characters. 

  • App
    Ratings and Reviews

Rating and reviews are a matter of trust for users as well as a ranking factor for app stores. Hence it is important to have a framework in place for generating regular reviews as well as responding to them. Also, a system of incentivization can help motivate your team to be proactive and consistent in collecting positive reviews for your app. 

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  • App

The ultimate goal is to increase the number of downloads. Indecisive users can be enticed using a short app preview video and screenshots. Both app stores use the download numbers as a ranking determinant, precisely the latest download rate.

For instance, while an app may have a cumulative download number of 1million, but a newer app can easily rank higher by getting more downloads this month. The preview video and images can be an influencing factor. A majority of top apps also offer app previews to their users to increase customer conversions. But once you have a user, however, you will have to retain them.

A good way to start is to improve your app optimization. Other than that, work on visibility, awareness, and appeal of your brand and app right from app store description to images, rating/reviews, and social media presence.


App store optimization (ASO) has continuously outperformed growth trends. In recent years, the necessity and value of apps within the scope of marketing have been fastened as an important marketing tactic. The primary challenge now is how to help users discover the app organically within the top app stores. Hopefully, the above-detailed steps would help you refresh, refine, and better position your app to deliver results.      Have you found success with ASO? If the answer is no contact us     

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