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Business Technology Advisory Services.

Coupling Business Technology consulting with High-performance Technical solutions.

Wondering which technology can enhance your business Advantages, and how it does?

Verbat Technologies’ business technology advisory services can be of help. Our veteran business specialists and technology experts can help you expand your business by leveraging innovative technologies while developing your existing systems to yield maximum output.

We started providing the service after noticing how quickly many successful businesses lost their competitive advantage to disruptors. Verbat’s advisory services combine our insights and the potential of new technology to design creative business models that can give a significant boost to your business operations.

Coupling said business models with high-performance digital solutions and application support can successfully augment your competitive advantages, driving your business to new heights.

Our Value Add

  • Business and IT Strategy
    Strategy cannot be static anymore. We help develop dynamic strategy for your business.
  • Business Model Creation
    A business model that leverages a number of Vectors of Disruption can disrupt a whole industry. With our guidance you can develop new business models to connect your products and clients
  • Organisational Design
    The way you marshal your capabilities will have a huge impact on your success. We have spent years understanding what makes and breaks organisations.

Our Business Advisory Services

Manage Disruption contribute to a broad range of engagements including the following services:

  • Business & IT strategy
  • Business model co-creation based on Vectors of Disruption
  • Relevant & Effective Reviews
  • Organisational Design
  • Target operating model design and implementation

Benefits of working with us

  • Our global Sales & Delivery presence gives you local touch-points at every stage of the engagement
  • Our proven Technology Expertise builds robust solutions to accelerate your success in the Digital economy
  • Our innovative Service Models deliver the right solution in the right place at the right price point

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