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Mobile Application Development.

Verbat builds mobile applications that meet your business requirements, and are in-line with your business strategy and goals.

Delivering innovation to enterprise mobile app development, we offer complete enterprise solutions for iOS, Android, Web and Cloud.

At the nexus of content and technology lies mobile app development. Our deep understanding and expertise creates multi-platform mobile apps which are simple clear and scalable. We choose a strategically researched mix of tools which include:



Native App

Android & IOS


Angular, Lighthouse, NodeJS, Polymer, Workbox


Verbat Technologies in Dubai, UAE has a strong focus on the design and development of Enterprise Mobility Solutions, having built a number of feature-rich enterprise applications across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

The Middle East, especially Dubai, is expected to account for the second-largest mobile phone-using population globally. Although smartphone sales & penetration of smartphones have seen rapid growth, it is still expected to increase exponentially in the Middle East by 2018.

While working with Verbat, you can take advantage of the market demand by building client-centric mobile application solutions that will help in engaging with your customers, while gathering insights that will help in defining your marketing strategies.

From User Experience to Mobile Application Development… to Total Lifecycle Management, Verbat can help organizations and enterprises navigate the challenges to capitalize on the full potential of mobile technologies and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated
    We have a 100% dedicated & qualified Enterprise Mobility Team in Dubai, UAE to make Mobile Apps simple and profitable for all of our customers.
  • Plan & Design
    Verbat starts by studying and understanding the client’s needs, behaviour patterns and preferences in order to offer mobile experiences that attract and engage customers.
  • Agile Methodology
    Using an agile development methodology to deliver our mobile app development projects, Verbat’s expert mobile app developers can create the right app that will meet your business, industry and/or vertical needs.
  • One-stop Expertise
    Partnership with Verbat gives you access to end-to-end expertise in architecture creation, UI design, development, testing and support.

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