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Tried and Tested Manual Testing Practices

Manual Testing Dubai UAE

Verbat’s manual testing service for software, website and mobile apps utilize the best testing practices spearheaded by creative experts to ensure that the solutions are devoid of bugs and defects, and behave the way they were designed to. Rest assured, we will completely evaluate the functionality and features of the app.

This service is particularly useful for applications with graphical user interfaces where automation testing can be challenging. We use a variety of test frameworks and approaches including black-box and white-box testing to make sure that the software and mobile apps deliver on their promises.

Manual Testing Services

Our Manual Testing Services

Unit Testing
Unit Testing

Unit testing at Verbat is done by a team comprising of developers or peers who wrote the code and testers. The testing approach employs effective white box testing techniques in a test-driven development environment

Integration Testing
Integration Testing

Integration testing follows our unit testing service, and the process is designed to ensure defect-free coexistence of the software with other tools

System Testing
System Testing

The integrated system output from Integration testing is evaluated for compliance with the specified requirements from our clients. Our system testing can detect defects of the system as a whole and ‘inter-modules’ defects

Acceptance Testing
Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is executed to ensure that the product meets the requirements of a contract or specification. Combined with our Agile methodologies, our acceptance testing is the core to making sure that our clients get more than they asked for

White-box Testing
White-box Testing

White box testing techniques tests the inner workings of the application identifying coding errors in the process, and are executed in the presence of developers

Black-box Testing
Black-box Testing

Verbat’s black-box testing services are done to test how the application delivers an expected output as opposed to what output it delivers

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Dedicated Team
100% Dedicated Team

The team works on your projects ONLY, fully aware of your business goals.

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Complete control over the team

You can manage the team on a day-to-day basis via Scrum mettings, face-to-face communication and/or PM tools.

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Full Control over the budget

Billing model presupposes defined monthly payments to ensure you fully predicatble costs.

Knowledge Retention
Knowledge retention

As the project develops, the team extends our expertise, thus operating as a fully functioning internal team.

Quality Assessment
Quality assessment & recommendations

Apart from reporting, we provide a detailed project assessment and recommendations on process optimization.


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