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We create remarkable online stores that provide unique shopping experiences, by combining creative and responsive designs, and strategic eCommerce management features.

Our Services

Verbat’s end-to-end e-Commerce development services are designed to integrate with your enterprise technology. Our flexible and responsive e-Commerce solutions facilitate progressive business agility while safeguarding your investments and lowering potential risks

Database Systems

MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Apache, Web Servers, IIS, DB2, etc

Hosting Included

We host your online store to Amazon AWS or Verbat's Cloud Server to scale as your business grows.

Payment Gateways

We have relationships with multiple payment providers offering excellent rates and customer service, all supported and integrated into our e-Commerce platform.

Professional Designs

We offer a range of design options. We build your store with awesome ready-made responsive templates or work with our in-house design team to craft a professional design for your store.

Search Engine Friendly

Our e-Commerce solution is search engine friendly out of the box, which means more traffic (and sales).


We develop a fully featured shopping cart. Simply add your products and you're ready to start selling online.

e-Commerce: We make it easy

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When you need software developed we’re here to help

Verbat radically evolved over the years adapting to changing digital scenarios. We follow latest development methodologies, adopting widely used frameworks and tools.

Our team of seasoned software developers have consistently managed to couple innovation with tailor-made solutions, delivering them to both start-ups and established businesses.

Latest Blogs

Jan 24 2021
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

A good development workflow will bring out the best in a good developer and the exceptional among the great. On the other hand a bad workflow will rob them of their productivity. Hence it is extremely critical for every team to put together a good development workflow.

Prashant Thomas
Nov 24 2020
An Introduction to Configuration Management Tools

On a larger context, configuration management (CM) deals with the process of ensuring that a system performs in a desired, consistent state as changes are made over time. Although the idea did not originate in the IT industry, the term generally refers to server configuration management.

Prashant Thomas
Sep 23 2020
Demystifying MongoDB

Database are at the core of almost all internet and enterprise applications. The need for scale and faster application development has brought in a new generation of databases loosely termed as NoSQL databases. These are in non-tabular format and save data in a different format compared to relational database whereas relational database saves data in rows and columns organized into tables or sheets.

Prashant Thomas

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