Domain Registration in Dubai

Domain Registration in Dubai, UAE.

Having guided multiple corporations locate the perfect domain name, we can support your goals with fluency.

Over 1000+ domains serviced and counting...

We’ve helped thousand of others find the perfect domain name. With one of the largest selection of domain name extensions on the market, we can help you too.

Automatic Domain Monitor.
Verbat monitors your domain so you don't lose it! If you have multiple domains, it can be easy to forget the renewal period. Verbat automates this process so you can keep focused on your web-based business!
Easily Manage Domains.
Besides changing nameservers for each and every domain in your management panel, you can easily create your own nameservers ( right from within the management panel.
Free Domain Locking.
Verbat locks all of your domains by default. This prevents unauthorized changes or domain hijacking.
Manage DNS.
You can also host your DNS Records in our Domain Control Panel. Also you can do URL re-direct your domains to other domains, Create TXT and SPF records.

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