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Business Drivers

One of the largest retail giants in the world operating in the Middle East, turned to us for assistance regarding their plans to simplify the process of logistics. The retail company operates a very large inventory which was in part being handled manually. The operations varied from accepting orders to delivering them and recording the details. A solution was required which simplified these operations and allowed for systematic management. Our challenge was to design a feature-rich solution that not only integrates the company’s operations but also facilitates interoperability and scalability. Our final goal was to streamline their pick, pack and delivery operations.

Personnel & Processes

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Android Application

Our Solution

Our development team overcame two critical challenges. We collaborated with our client’s executives and the first step was for us to learn about their business models and operations. After research and analysis of the operations and logistics areas, we decided to develop an all-in-one Web/Mobile application. The end result was a completely custom-built, feature-rich application designed specifically to cater to the requirements of our client. In addition to the aforementioned features, a third party feature named Click-to-Call was also integrated so that the master pickers can contact clients when necessary.


  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Uniquely designed UI
  • View for Store Supervisors to plan and prioritize deliveries
  • Graphical view of each picker’s performance for the Store Supervisor
  • Ability to generate and print status reports for functionalities
  • Processes are streamlined
  • A handheld device app to capture customer’s digital signature and feedback

Business benefits

  • Reduced operational complexities
  • Unique yet simple UI
  • Secured Database interconnectivity
  • Easy and automated process to save time
  • Status report/Graphical intel to ease the decision-making process
  • Improved operational efficiency by reducing cost


C#.NET - Development Environment
MS SQL 2012 - Database
Windows 2012 on Azure - Server
IIS 7.5 - Web Server

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