Why Domain Registration and Hosting are Important for Online Businesses

Getting an online business off the ground takes the right mix of research, planning and execution. Of course, not every business will make it. And there is a lesson to be learned from it.

Regardless of the business you do, you need the right host for your domain.

Just like websites are important for online businesses, a good domain and a better hosting service are important for websites as well. The key to conquering the internet lies in the brand name, and maybe a few other things. But let’s talk about brand name for now.

To show the digital world that you are a leader in a particular niche, you have to dedicate a lot of time thinking about every aspect that concerns your brand. Considering the fact that you are entering a hypercompetitive business world, you have to think out of the box to stay relevant or even stand out from the rest of them. For this, even the smallest, seemingly irrelevant things can give you a positive surprise.

Let’s start with the reason how online businesses exist – the website.

Every Company needs a Website

Even if the company doesn’t directly make money from its website, it still needs a website. Reason? Web presence, of course. The website can be a key tool to market the business and expand the customer base. Most business people know about the aspect of marketing with a website. And this could be the reason why they put more focus on marketing rather than establishing the foundation for the website.

The foundation for the Website

The foundation for any website includes:

  • An apt domain name
  • A perfect host

Search engines like Google considers a myriad of factors before ranking a website. Domain is one of those factors. You need to do a bit of thinking to come up with the right domain name for your website, and more research to identify the right web hosting solution for it.

To figure out the right domain name, you need to take a few factors into account.

Focus on the following for starters.

  • How long is the domain name you have in mind?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Is it easy to spell?
  • Does it conform to what your website is about?

You do know that Google regularly updates their ranking algorithms, right? So the questions mentioned above can help you come up with the right domain name that will have a positive effect on your search engine optimization.

Why domain is important for businesses

It establishes credibility – Your own domain name adds to your professional caliber. Visitors actually check the domain name when they are visiting a website they haven’t visited before. Your domain name gives them a good impression conveying that it’s an established business.

It boosts your brand value – The name of your brand or company in your domain name increases brand awareness.

It gives you portability on the internet – With your own domain name and website, you can also port it to the web host you prefer. Sharing someone else’s domain name doesn’t give you the same advantage. You will have to create a new domain name for your website in such a scenario, and in turn lose your visitors, forcing you to work to build traffic again.

It strengthens your SEO strategy – Search engines reward unique domain names rather than subdomains. With your own website and domain name, your business will get the limelight from search engines. Though this isn’t much, it can still be an asset to your SEO efforts.

Domain Registration and Hosting

Once you have a domain, domain registration comes next. The registered domain requires something to keep it alive; the something being the right hosting solution.

The right hosting package makes sure that your online business keeps progressing without hitches.

How? Just imagine this scenario for one.

Your online business has been growing over the years, and you are happy with the success. You have a strong customer base, and new ones coming in on a daily basis. And just when you thought that you’d just become a leader in your niche, your domain expires. You, on the other hand, are on cloud nine, and completely forget to renew it. A competitor grabs your domain, and when you realize what’s happening, you try to buy it back but to no avail.

What then? You will have to settle for a new domain. Years of hard work down the drain, and you start all over again.

A right hosting solution ensures you never have to face that situation.

Hopefully, by now, you have a good idea of the potential of the right domain name and hosting service. Though it requires you to spend a lot of time thinking and researching, it’s an investment that can enhance your online market presence. If it gives your business a good head start, why not give it a go?