5 Useful Websites for Pro Microsoft .NET Developers

Millions of developers joined the Microsoft .NET community over the years catapulting the technology to one of the most popular Microsoft technology solutions in the world. With the .NET platform, developers are able to craft rich, interactive applications that can run on Windows platforms, the internet, or even mobile devices.

However, they would still need a lot of help from various other sources and tools. In this blog, we list a few websites that can come in real handy for .NET developers and make their job easier.

1. CodeProject

CodeProject is reliable for thousands of .NET developers because it features helpful tutorial articles and downloadable code that can make things less challenging for developers – both experts and amateurs. The articles in CodeProject are all written by veteran developers to help other developers with a to-the-point solution to their coding problems.

The fact that the developers that post such articles aren’t paid and genuinely want to contribute to the community makes CodeProject a friend-in-need for .NET developers.

2. DevSource

One of the most important things a .NET developer should possess is the mindset to stay updated on everything that revolves around the Microsoft platform. DevSource can help with that.

DevSource is a digital magazine sponsored by Microsoft that can keep the devs up to date on all things Microsoft technologies related. Devs can subscribe to the magazine’s free weekly newsletters to pick up new things on the go.

3. DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is not just a website, but an open source framework that .NET devs can download and use to build web applications with Microsoft’s ASP.NET. Because it has a strong open source community working on making it better with each iterations, the framework now demonstrates efficient coding practices that would prove useful to even experienced developers.

However, the professional edition of DotNetNuke comes with a price tag. The community edition on the other hand is free to use and is totally worth registering to.

4. ScottGu’s Blog

Who better to look up to for some Microsoft knowledge than the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Developer Division…

Scott Guthrie’s regularly updated blog is where devs can find announcements before they show up anywhere else. The blogs cover a wide range of Microsoft technologies from .NET base class libraries to SilverLight.

5. MSDN Magazine

When it comes to understanding current .NET standards that devs should be following, there’s no source better than the MSDN Magazine. This website can be very resourceful for developers who want to understand Microsoft technologies in depth. The articles available are comparatively longer than the articles in various other sources.

What makes MSDN Magazine unique is the fact that they are very strict when it comes to accepting content for their magazine. They scour through many articles from contributors and post those that they deem worthy. The articles in the journal certainly won’t disappoint.


Resources of all digital sizes and shapes are available for .NET developers provided they are willing to look at the right places. At some point in their career, one of the sites listed above can prove invaluable. The many articles and standards recommended by the community through blogs in various websites can help .NET developers refine their skillsets and passion in the technology.