The roadmap to cloud adoption: What businesses need to be aware of about the cloud?

The secret to any businesses IT success relies heavily on how well your IT infrastructure holds up in terms of performance and agility. This is the foremost reason for the evolution of cloud computing which has revolutionized IT infrastructure of modern day business organizations.

But moving into the cloud is not as easy as it looks. You need to have a well defined roadmap if your cloud strategies are to bear fruit and this roadmap is what several organizations lack. We at Verbat understand that your business has sectors that require greater attention than IT and hence we have taken up the hard task of framing a roadmap for your business to move into the cloud. Here is what you need to do to get the best out of cloud computing for your business

Design unique cloud architecture for your business

Every business is unique and we understand the need to have unique cloud architecture for each business so that your investment on the cloud gives you maximum returns in the short future rather than using a common cloud deployment architecture for all business units and ending up with high service costs and reduced returns.

Implement a robust cloud solution

When you have a cloud solution to be deployed, make sure that it comes with the best of support as well. Verbat’s engineers will ensure that your business gets the best of service support from the world’s premier cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc. Necessary backup and disaster recovery mechanisms are guaranteed by these top tier providers and we offer implementation services of only these trusted brands.

Migrate your legacy applications

Once your architecture is drawn up and the cloud service is rolling in your IT infrastructure, then the next biggest challenge is facilitating the migration of legacy applications onto the cloud. For some applications it might be the equivalent of a brain surgery and hence requires careful planning and application redevelopment. Verbat has helped hundreds of business organizations migrate their entire legacy applications onto the cloud and in the process handled all kinds of associated complexities.

Managing your cloud infrastructure

With cloud, uptime and service availability is a guaranteed plus point, but you need someone at the helm always to facilitate the smooth running. With Verbat, your efforts can be fully focused on your core business areas while our engineers will handle your cloud efforts for you. Our managed cloud services will ensure that your IT infrastructure is up and running to support your business functions anytime.

So basically the roadmap is set here as explained above. From Designing to implementing to migration and maintenance, Verbat is there to help you in every step of the way. Get in touch with us to know how our managed cloud services could yield you sizable business results in a short time frame.