Software Testing

Manual v/s Automated Testing

Manual v/s Automated Testing: Choose the Right Approach

In the software development arena, ensuring the quality and functionality of an application is paramount. Manual testing, a time-tested…

Importance of Software Testing

The Importance of Software Testing: All You Need to Know

In today’s digital age, software is the backbone of nearly everything we do. From the apps on…

Software Quality Assurance

The Importance of Software Quality Assurance: Testing for a Reliable Product

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality, reliable products….

Software Testing Concept

Software Testing 101: The Concept of Pair Testing Explained

Pair testing, often referred to as Buddy testing, is a software testing technique where two…

6 Great API Testing Tools You Should Use in 2018

APIs have always been a vital part when it comes to software development and how the…

Testing Trends

Emerging Testing Trends that will Redefine Software & Mobile Testing in 2018

Without adequate QA & testing, no software product can actually serve its purpose or do what it was designed…

Agile Testing Challenges

Common Agile Testing Challenges & How You Can Overcome Them

Agile testing, despite all its benefits, still is quite challenging for testers. The software testing…

Automation Testing Tools

Top Automation Testing Tools You Should Know About

In the world of online business, mobile applications are just as important as websites. Apps are more critical considering…

DevOps Testing Trends

4 DevOps Testing Trends That Turned Heads in 2017

Faster time-to-market and impressive software quality are more important than ever. This is why more businesses have started to…

Software Testing

Managing the Chaos in Software Testing Teams While Joining a New Project

In the world of software development, change is something you have to expect occasionally. It’s inevitable….