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Enterprise Mobility

Popular Misconceptions that Deter Businesses from Adopting Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is just as important for businesses as it is for people. According to UN’s International Telecommunications Union, there…

Mobile App Development

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development – The Pros & Cons

There has never been a clear winner when it comes to mobile platforms. Both iOS & Android app development…

Android Development

Kotlin Makes its Way to Android Development

Java has long been a favorite when it comes to mobile application development. But now…

Mobile Application Development

5 Factors to Keep in Mind for Successful Implementation of Mobility Solutions

Considering the evidently huge advancements in technologies that businesses at present are associated with, it’s safe to assume that…

Mobile Applications

8 Things to Think About Before Developing Mobile Applications

Before mobile app development itself begins, a good developer should take many things into account….

Mobile Application Development

Apple’s WWDC 2017 and Its Impact on Mobile Application Development

Over 5000 developers attended Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last month while the rest of the world waited patiently to…

Android O

Android O: What the Developer Previews Revealed

When someone says something about mobile technologies, Android is one of the first things that come…

Mobile Application Testing

6 Tactics to Succeed in Mobile Application Testing

Testing mobile applications, unlike software testing, is not something that can be skipped. You may have…

Software Testing

6 Trends in 2017 that Deserve a Software Tester’s Attention

One of the biggest trends we saw last year was more companies putting their faith in Agile and DevOps….

Visual Basic

Microsoft’s Programming Language Strategy & The Future of Visual Basic

Microsoft’s Program Manager Mads Torgersen recently posted about what they plan to do with their widely popular .NET languages…