New Azure Migration Resources & Tools Announced To Harness Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft has always been reliable and consistent when it comes to delivering new cloud capabilities. They have been consistently delivering hybrid features across both on-premises and cloud environments. But apparently that wasn’t the end of it as Microsoft recently announced new Azure tools and resources that can optimize businesses by harnessing the potential of hybrid cloud.

This is a welcome change in today’s time with more businesses realizing how cloud can boost their growth, adopting the technology and leveraging it for its innovative benefits. However, it should also be mentioned that the vast majority of businesses in the world are still reluctant to fully move to public cloud citing latency concerns, customization, and even data sovereignty as reasons. Microsoft seems to be on the path to changing that.

The New Tools and Resources

They mentioned a tool called Cloud Migration Assessment, designed to help organizations discover and analyze servers across their IT environment. The tool also provides a detailed report that includes an estimate of the cost benefits of moving to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft’s also announced that it will be possible to activate Azure Hybrid Use Benefit directly in the Azure Management Portal. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of this feature, the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit also saves up to 40% with Windows Server licenses.

Another tool that is worth noticing is the Azure Site Recovery tool. Also pro-cloud, this tool eases the transition to the cloud. The tool allows organizations to efficiently migrate virtual machines to Azure. It also makes moving applications running on physical servers, AWS, Hyper-V, or VMware hassle-free.

It wouldn’t be wrong to theorize that the tech giant will be announcing changes in other popular Microsoft technologies as well this year. It’s safe to expect some intriguing cloud features that can optimize businesses in unique ways.