Consequences of a poorly maintained website

I have come across several websites and wondered if those companies really existed. Outdated designs and boring layout put me off, leaving me with no choice but to log out of the website right away. Like most people even I like to Google products and services before I buy them and sometimes the website I am taken to really disappoint me.

This happens to most of us and we tend to judge the company based on their website, its design, user friendliness and technology used. At times we underestimate a company that is doing good business and whose services are highly recommended. What such companies don’t understand is the credibility a well-developed and maintained website can bring and the loss of businesses a poorly designed website can cause.

What annoys the visitors the most and gives them the feeling that the website is outdated. 

• Images that look like it’s from the 80′s. Web sites that fail to offer a visual impact does not generate any interest in a customer.
• Music playing in the background of the website with no option to pause. This is an issue that has bothered me a lot, especially when working on serious things.
• Boring layout with pop ups and unappealing color palette will not encourage a visitor to stay longer on the web site.
• No proper navigation and links to non-existing pages. There is nothing more annoying than the message, Address not found.
• Splash page with long loading time can disappoint the visitor even before he enters the site.
• Entire websites based around table design.
• Use of flash technology that increases loading time. Busy users won’t wait till your page gets loaded.
• Copyright date on the footer that gives the visitor an impression that the website is neglected.

These are just a few frustrating things in a website that could ruin the reputation of companies. With new e-commerce technologies and website development companies, building an up-to-date website won’t be a problem.

Set your websites apart from the rest with such features like these 

• UX designs with client interaction features
• Customer Login and other features that encourage user interaction
• Video/Blog Integration
• Intuitive user dashboard with WYSIWYG editors
• Social Media Integration
• The use of SEO features like Title Tags and Meta Tags

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