Online Travel and Tourism: What’s hot

It goes without saying that online travel industry is in the phase of rapid development. Tour and travel companies are seeking new technologies and applications that make online bookings and designation search easier for the traveller. How far have you explored these new online trends?

Online and mobile bookings will increase in the coming years and therefore, investing in a robust and highly secure booking system becomes a prerequisite for any travel company looking for future growth and sales. The data given below reveal the consumer purchasing trends.

In 2016, over 36.7MM U.S. consumers will book travel arrangements through mobile devices
By 2013 the figure will surpass 16MM consumers using mobile devices to book travel arrangements
More than 120MM consumers in the US will research travel plans online by 2013

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Why people rely on travel and tourism sites
People can book, confirm, cancel tickets at the comfort of their home and make payments quickly. Browsing across the travel options, packages, hotels and add-on services become one effortless task with interactive systems. With the option to compare prices and packages, online travel sites are successfully offering a great value service.

Clients who faced difficulty while booking or making a reservation will give up and return to an alternative travel website. If your online efforts are not strategically planned and developed customers will not get what they want and subsequently you will lose them. Other factors that prevent a client from completing a registration include high price, technical glitches, payment difficulty, booking problems and unavailability of sufficient information. Developing your travel and tourism website can win you clients, generate more sales and drive profits.

Travellers across the world are also relying on Mobile payment systems. A growth in use of travel apps and development of technologies like NFC and mobile wallets further eases the payment methods. The convenience offered by mobile payment systems are encouraging travellers to book from their handheld devices, regardless of where they are. However, more than half of us are oblivious of this technology and only 6% possesses a detailed understanding of it. In no time, this technology will advance and it would be widely used.

Apart from websites, other digital mediums used to promote services and travel ideas are blogs, online advertising and social media. Some of the popular online trends adopted by big names in the industry are given below.

Online booking systems and secure payments
Making reservations and booking have become easier, thanks to the advanced online booking systems. Business travellers, families and individual travellers use travel sites that offer a convenient and secure online booking option. What makes them very useful is the option for comparing prices. Travellers can make better travel decisions and make sure payments.

Mobile booking and apps
With the proliferation of handheld devices, accessing travel information is at the fingertips of customers. Online booking is also done via mobile phones. To gain more clients, online travel sites should invest on mobile optimized website and mobile strategies. Today, mobile platform has been transformed into a real travel planning channel for many. A recent report reveals that in 2016, 74.3MM consumers in the US will research travel purchases on their mobile devices.

Computer Systems
For large travel business, a well maintained computer system will be the best solution. These systems ensure quick and improved communication between branches and locations, consequently making reservations and other tasks hassle-free. Guest preferences, reservation details and other information can be managed and kept in a single system.

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Social Media Services
With an effective social media presence, a travel company can build an audience interested in their services. Consistent social media strategies can alone win the marketing goals of the travel company. Invest on social media campaigns and strategies to endorse offers online and via mobile.

Unless online tour and travel companies embrace these online trends, they will not be able to offer total-trip experience for clients.