Tips & Tricks to Get Customers to Spend More Money in Your Mobile App

Businesses see mobile apps as a means to boosting revenue while building relationships with their customers. But to be able to achieve success with mobile apps is not an easy feat. They will have to invest in custom mobile application development to craft an app that aligns with their business goals while serving the needs of the target audience.

The app should be built to thrive in a highly competitive market, and it needs to be backed by smart marketing strategies. The goal of the app is to serve customers by solving a specific problem that’s been bugging them. The business thus makes a revenue out of the app’s purpose as customers are willing to spend money via apps. So the business will also have to ensure that the app is enticing enough for customers to spend money on.

And that’s what we will cover in this blog – getting customers to spend more money in a mobile app.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs aren’t meant to get customers to spend more money in the app directly. Instead these programs are designed to keep customers engaged and retain them so there’s more chance of them making in-app purchases. Besides, loyalty programs reward customers for using the app and even making purchases. This generally encourages users to use the app more.

Personalize shopping experience

The customer might check out certain things in the app each time they log in but may not make a purchase. Businesses should track this behavior and their purchase history to understand what the customer was interested in, and then try to upsell or cross-sell items similar to or complementing their previous purchases or browsing interests.

Use push notifications wisely

Studies have found that push notifications at the right time can increase conversions by 50%. But this massive conversion potential comes with a catch. If push notifications are misused to spam customers with alerts or if they are simply sent at the wrong time, customers will get annoyed instead; so much that they may even decide to remove the app completely. A leading mobile application development company would recommend first figuring out the time of day when target customers are most likely to make a purchase, and then encouraging them to make a purchase at that time with enticing push notifications.

A great approach is to send personalized push notifications with some kind of value offers to customers based on their purchase history, app browsing behavior, and marked interests.


Developing a great app and getting customers to spend more money in it is a surefire way to grow a business fast. However, investing a lot of time and resources into one single tactic from the ones mentioned in this blog is a wrong approach. The best way is to try out different tactics and measure the results to see which ones work best. You won’t see any dramatic boost in spending overnight. It’s a slow process but executing these tactics properly and patiently would surely deliver good results.

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