Going digital the right way

This is one question you should ask yourself while planning your digital marketing strategies this year. Before you make your decisions, you might want to consider certain areas that are likely to set trends in digital marketing arena in 2013.

Content strategy
There is no doubt that a strategic and well laid out content plan can create and convert leads for businesses. Understanding the importance of content marketing many have already stepped into this bandwagon while few others are still thinking whether to join them or not. It is high time companies started exploring the various possibilities offered in strategic blogging and email marketing.

The recent proliferation of mobile devices and tablets encourages companies to invest more in mobile marketing. Marketing will be real-time on handheld devices and this opens more opportunities for businesses to send our targeted messages. People spending more time on their smartphones will continue this year and advertisers should use this opportunity to deliver related ads based on keywords.

Big Data
Being a relatively new concept, many businesses are hesitant and ignorant to use and manage big data. What they don’t understand is that using the volume and variety of information in the right way could lead to better decision making and maximize productivity.

Firstly, you have to define your business goals so that you can plan a big data strategy around them. Those who are managing big data should distinguish important incoming data and discard the unnecessary ones. Once you have a clear plan, implement actions consistently and you can reap benefits. As per the predictions of Gartner the volume of data globally will grow by 59 per cent every year. This means there is no reason to stay away from using Big Data.

Contextual targeting through ad networks
This new form of online advertising is used mainly for promotions and customer engagement. 2013 is going to be a year of contextual targeting for online businesses. Not only is this method cost-effective but it can generate sales. This method searches text on a website for keywords and ads get displayed on webpage associated with the information that a user is viewing. For instance, if a user is surfing for shoes on the internet indexed to a website that is using contextual advertising, then ads linked to shoes appears on the page.

As far as digital marketing is considered, there is nothing called a bad step, as everything generates visibility in some way or the other. However, the freedom when not used properly can create a negative visibility for your brand and business. That is why proper planning is required, whether its content marketing, SEO, email marketing, Contextual targeting through ad networks or mobile marketing.

There is no harm in trying different methods, but you can’t afford to waste time and effort experimenting on inappropriate digital channels and drawing attention from wrong audience.  Every year companies blame their poorly conceptualized and executed marketing plans, let this year be different and bring great value returns to your business.