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Search Engine Optimization - Search engines are not as good as other media

Before thinking that search engines are not as good as other media, you should read this:- Companies spend many thousands on direct mail, email and online advertising campaigns to drive "ordinary" and untargeted traffic to their websites. But according to Internet marketing surveys, 49% of Web marketers today spend less than 0.4% of their budget on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Could it be because they think traffic from more expensive marketing campaigns is better?

Before you invest any money in your next Web marketing campaign, why not start by taking the easy step first? Optimize and prioritize your search rankings results to get the real Internet users who are online right now, actively looking for a specific product or service like yours.

Over the past seven years, our SEO programs have put more companies on the real track to success by placing their rankings on top of all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta-Vista, Global Business Listing and all the others. Several studies show people are often confused as what really works in online marketing and what marketers actually invest money into. According to an October 2003 study by Jupiter Media Metrix, only 9% of Internet surfers who are actively looking for your company's website will type the correct URL into their browser. The rest will try to find you or your products by using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or AltaVista, etc.

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The same study revealed that 97% of Fortune 100 company websites are difficult to be found by any search engine. And a November 2003 study from Internet World revealed that fewer than 12% of American companies bother to use the services of search engine optimization and positioning firms.

The only way to get a much higher, prioritized ranking in the major search engines is to invest in a quality SEO program done by professionals.

Traffic is not always bad.

Traffic on road may be annoying but the desire for more hits on your website is welcoming. Engage us to help you and see how your website works as a powerful business tools.