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The general reasoning behind people or companies still wanting or attempting to use meta tags is: "Meta tags will make all the difference for our web site" or "We have heard or read of companies that their web sites were placed way on top because of meta tags". Our response to such statements is, four or five years ago, it could have been true somewhat, even if some people don't exactly agree on that statement.

At the beginning of the Internet, meta tags were originally incorporated in a site as an attempt to better assist webmasters. They were also included to help search engines discover what their site was all about. Well, as one might expect, it didn't take very long that some people found a way to short-circuit the system as it were.

Some actually tried and successfully got around in abusing this technique by writing useless keywords into their meta tags in hopes to trick the search engines to rank them higher. Today, and because of all this abuse, most major search engines, especially Google, are placing less and less importance in the presence or absence of meta tags and their content.

We are not saying it's not worth the extra time it takes to add them in any site. After all, it only takes a few minutes to write them in the first place. Additionally, Inktomi still gives a small importance to meta tags, although there is always a possibility that that it could somehow change in the near future.

As a standard practice, and to insure that all sites we optimize get their best chances possible, Verbat writes and incorporates all meta tags in the sites we optimize. The only way to get a much higher, prioritized ranking in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, DMOZ, Alta-Vista, Global Business Listing and the others is to invest in a serious SEO program done by professionals.

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